[MAMA] Rookie of the Year prediction at the 2022 MAMA

Only songs and albums that are released after November 1, 2021 will be counted

1. I think it’s IVE but I feel sorry for NewJeans

2. I also feel so sorry for NewJeans ㅜㅜ

3. Shouldn’t IVE receive Rookie of the Year and Daesang at the same time?

4. I don’t even know any boy groups

5. If they didn’t give it to IVE, it would be weird

6. I hope both IVE and NewJeans win the Rookie of the Year award

7. IVE is really successful this year… I think they deserve the Daesang

8. I really don’t know any male idols.. I wish there were two girl groups instead of boy group

9. The future of female idols is so bright

10. I feel sorry for NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM

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IVE is leading since they debuted last year , I feel like if Newjeans debuted earlier this year instead of Lesserafim , they probably can beat IVE tbh but well hope 2023 will be Newjeans’ year ~ Their future is really bright as a group, I got a feeling they would hit very big than now next year .

oh ok

newjeans really have the greatest debut results among 4th gen groups. I hope things will go well for them for years to come


IVE’s songs aren’t even that good.. Even their song this comeback only blew up because of a sample that belongs to a Black female artist.


Considering it’s MAMA, kep1er gonna win roty

(I’m just being realistic, considering all mnet survival groups always win roty in mama)

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