Mark says G-Dragon is every male idol’s role model

Article: Mark’s statement about G-Dragon

“G-Dragon is a role model for every idol, especially for male idols”

“Mark asks if it’s ok to cross his legs while mentioning G-Dragon’s name”

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1.[+316, -20] GD is not a role model only for idols but also for rappers. All rappers these days are influenced by GD’s songs and they pay a lot of homage. He’s also a huge figure in fashion world
2.[+270, -15] When he was asked to make the Avengers team with 5 people, it was so interesting to see him asking if it was okay to cross his legs while saying GD’s nameㅋㅋㅋ
3.[+259 -17] They talk about ambassadors and other things these days. GD is amazing, he opened the door for it
4.[+118, -13] Beenzino has a song that the lyrics says ‘Eveyone in Hongdae imitates G-Dragon’
5.[+93, -12] Even though GD antis hate GD so much, he’s the idol of their idols. He’s the celebrity of celebrities.
6.[+80, -2] GD hasn’t been active for a few years, but if you look at the fact that he’s still being mentioned as a role model by others, he’s legendary. I follow many idol groups each of them mentioned GD as their role model.
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