Member Sung Il Jong of People’s Power requested a BTS Jamboree performance, netizens get mad

Sung Il Jong’s Facebook (request a BTS performance to the Ministry of National Defense)

1. It’s lucky that the BTS members didn’t enlist together, if they had enlisted together, they would’ve been dragged everywhere

2. I was angry even though I’m not an ARMY

3. Why does BTS have to take care of an event where national prestige has declined due to lack of preparation and inexperienced management? Are you really serious?… What’s up with this country……?

4. They messed up and tried to get BTS to solve it.. F*ck

5. Shut up

6. These ba$tards are trying to tell BTS to solve the problem even if there’s a war

7. They see BTS as shield boys

8. Are you crazy? Are you really crazy? Leave BTS alone

9. A country that has no alternative but BTS.. It’s pathetic

10. Seriously… if you’re not a parasite, then what are you?

11. Are you crazy?? Stop using BTS

12. Crazyㅋ Why don’t they just hand over the management of the country to BTS?

13. BTS is so pitiful

14. Seriously, BTS members should change their nationality

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Logic Thinker

Jesus the Yoon administration needs to be impeached


Why bts? They should ask the biggest group and organic one aka bp. Also, the nation’s pick exo. They should ask the best selling artist and the one who outsell bts aka seventeen and stray kids lol. Why need bts? Yall didnt even give exemption to bts. Ask your athletes and classical musicians who got exemption. They are korea’s most respected people. Why you need unpopular, not important, and inorganic aka bts? Lol


Those pigs are using bts while discredit their popularity. They have 6yrs to prepare this jamboree…this gov is stupid af

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