Mexican fans shouted ‘RIIZE is seven’ at fan-con

Mexican fans shouted ‘RIIZE is seven’ at fan-con

1. How long has that member been promoting?? Why is his core so strong??? Is he a popular member?

2. Seriously, please make a statement

3. The members can’t sleep and are working hard… They’re not fans… They really have no manners

4. Just issue a withdrawal notice

5. I don’t think they would buy his album if he debuted as a solo artist

6. Please leave the group

7. Please make a statement. How long will we have to see this?

8. I thought he left the group

9. Please stop making K-pop so weird

10. What was wrong with the 6 members who worked so hard to perform?

11. Why do fans cause trouble for singers? Are they really fans?

12. What is SM doing? Please release a statement soon

13. I feel sorry for the remaining 6 members

14. Why are foreign fans like this?

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