Mexican Girl Group Jeans member’s cryptic post alludes to NewJeans’ plagiarism

Mexican Girl Group Jeans’ Instagram Upload

Jeans: I love it

“All this time they plagiarized us right in front of our faces, it’s like, bro, the clue was in the title”

Jeans: Wow! We weren’t so wrong

1. Saying this is plagiarism is like saying all of Y2K’s fashion plagiarized them

2. It seems like a reference, even the group names are Jeans and NewJeans

3. If you watch the full choreography, it’s not similar at all. The fashion is similar but this is 30 years ago and the fact that NewJeans brought the trend back shows how great they are. If people think this is plagiarism, then they are either shameless or have a brain deficiency

4. Honestly, if it was another group instead of NewJeans, people would say it’s plagiarism

5. HYBE, you are blinded by greed and are killing K-Pop

6. I heard that international BTS fans kept DMing her with edits. International fans who think insulting HYBE is insulting BTS is the problem

7. I don’t know anything else but that group name and font are so similar

8. They had even said it wasn’t plagiarism. All they said was that they were happy that the Y2K aesthetic was back but seeing how Bang Si Hyuk stans keep insisting, I guess HYBE is going to get hit by Karma again

9. Well, NewJeans also plagiarized ㅠㅠ

10. Ah, none of this is similar. It’s disgusting to see HYBE insist that they plagiarized despite this. You’ve lost the public’s support and it is never coming back

11. If ILLIT plagiarizes, then NewJeans also plagiarizes

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