Min Heejin claims that she had nothing to do with GFriend’s disbandment

Now she even mentioned GFriend

“I have nothing to do with GFRIEND disbanding”

1. Why did this story appear?

2. Did anyone say that GFriend’s disbandment was Min Heejin’s fault?

3. Suddenly??????????

4. What the? Suddenly?

5. Why did she suddenly talk about GFriend without anyone thinking about it?

6. She talked about GFriend, NewJeans, ILLIT, Aespa in public during the press conference. She is someone who has no respect for artists

7. Please stop. Why did you mention GFriend?

8. She was listing all the artist names, she was crazy

9. Wow, today is the K-pop party~

10. But wasn’t GFriend originally related to Min Heejin? Rather, it is related to LE SSERAFIM

11. Did you really prepare for the press conference just by looking at the communities?;;

12. She was really rude to GFriend

13. I didn’t come here to hear your life story

14. Now I know, you thought this was your lecture and not a press conference..?

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