Min Heejin refuses HYBE’s board of directors meeting making the feud worse

Min Heejin “refuses the general meeting of shareholders” vs. HYBE “organizes an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders through the court”

On April 29, 2024, it was reported that Min Heejin has refused HYBE’s call of a board of directors meeting

Back on April 25, HYBE had already submitted a request to the court for an emergency shareholders’ meeting in the case that the call for a directors’ meeting did not pull through

1. HYBE is the worst

2. Too bad…. Leave NewJeans + Min Heejin alone

3. What will happen to NewJeans?

4. What will happen to NewJeans if Min Heejin steps down?

5. HYBE also has the right to request a board meeting and Min Heejin also has the right to refuse so they are doing what they can

6. Why doesn’t HYBE explain BTS’s controversy?

7. Damn, HYBE is trash

8. I don’t know, if Min Heejin gets fired, I will boycott all HYBE idols except NewJeans

9. You can tell who really cares about NewJeans by looking at their actions. If HYBE’s actions aren’t about killing NewJeans, then what else is?

10. Let’s boycott HYBE

11. I’m so worried about the members of NewJeans..

12. I really hate Bang Si Hyuk

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