Min Heejin responds to HYBE’s accusations that she requested the right to terminate NewJeans’ contract

Min Heejin “Don’t distort the truth and cause a stir in public opinion… It’s for operating independently, not for having the right to terminate the contract.”

1. Who believes what HYBE says?

2. If HYBE gave them all power, wouldn’t they terminate their contract with NewJeans and Min Heejin would leave?

3. I don’t trust that company, now I’m supporting Min Heejin

4. HYBE is too disrespectful of public opinion, so I will support Min Heejin

5. ADOR is an independent label, but I guess Min Heejin doesn’t really have any authority until now

6. I just know that HYBE has been interfering with ADOR since its launch

7. Seriously, if you’re going to do this, why do you have multiple labels?

8. HYBE is getting worse and worse, please leave the K-pop industry

9. What kind of independent label is this…? Min Heejin is just like a team leader

10. This really makes me hate Bang Si Hyuk so much

11. Kakao Entertainment is a company with labels, but they don’t participate in artist contracts with Starship or BH… I guess HYBE is weird

12. They say that the labels are run independently, but the label CEO doesn’t even have the authority to sign a contract with a service company

13. Labels should be run independently. No, all executives need to be replaced. What a mess

14. Throw away this useless label, leave NewJeans alone

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