Min Heejin said that NewJeans’ call saved her life

CEO Min Heejin “NewJeans’ call saved my life”

CEO Min Heejin said, “This experience was the worst of my life. A member of NewJeans told me to imagine filming a drama.”

She also mentioned the NewJeans members and said, “Through this opportunity, I felt my relationship with the NewJeans members was warm and passionate. For a moment, I thought, ‘should I die?’ At that time, the NewJeans members all video called me,” she explained the situation.

CEO Min Heejin said, “I didn’t think this would be any consolation, but the kids kept talking about how much they loved me and it really touched me. At that moment, the thought of wanting to my dead disappeared. I think they saved my life.”

1. I just hope NewJeans will do well but if she keeps mentioning things like this, will they be able to stay at HYBE and work?

2. Crazy, you shouldn’t mention NewJeans…

3. This is why you shouldn’t get too emotionally close to the people you meet at work

4. Honestly, this is really weird… Mentioning that she’s alive is thanks to NewJeans pressuring the kids

5. For the future of NewJeans, stop talking about them

6. I know enough about NewJeans loving Min Heejin, so please stop~

7. Damn, Min Heejin, stop talking about NewJeans

8. NewJeans will also be abandoned if they stay in HYBE, so it would be better if they leave HYBE with Min Heejin

9. It’s over with HYBE and Min Heejin but NewJeans still has a contract with HYBE… So it’s better not to talk about NewJeans…

10. Looks like HYBE won’t actually protect NewJeans. Who will protect NewJeans?

11. It’s obvious that Min Heejin can’t work at HYBE in the future, and NewJeans must stay at HYBE. If she continues to do this, what will NewJeans’ position be?

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