Min Heejin’s plan is to take NewJeans away and turn ADOR into an empty shell

(Hot news) HYBE accuses CEO Min Heejin… The recording of the conversation “bringing NewJeans out” is confidential

Min Heejin instructed those in management under her to brainstorm ways to pressure HYBE into selling their stake in ADOR

Details were also discussed on how to terminate NewJeans’ contract with ADOR early and how to nullify the contract between ADOR and HYBE

Specifically, sentences such as “Let’s pull in global funding and make a deal with HYBE,” “Critically appeal to everything HYBE does,” and “Think about ways to torment HYBE,” were used in conversations

1. Please let Min Heejin receive a prison sentence. Parents and members of NewJeans should apologize

2. Please apologize to ILLIT and never think about doing anything wrong again

3. ILLIT was really taken advantage of. I hope that the kids are not hurt

4. Isn’t that a situation where ILLIT needs more care?

5. Even after seeing the case of FIFTY FIFTY, they still continue to think that they can succeed..??

6. Wow, HYBE seems to be protecting NewJeans

7. I guess they completely forgot that the success they had was thanks to HYBE

8. Min Heejin is really scary. If she had really cared about NewJeans like a daughter, she wouldn’t have been able to do this..

9. ILLIT was taken advantage of

10. The sniping at ILLIT was really just an excuse

11. Now I also hate NewJeans and I can’t listen to their music anymore

12. If it is done with the consent of NewJeans and their families, I have nothing more to say

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