Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo Gyun talks about BTS’s military service

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo Gyun “Special exception to BTS military service, public opinion is important”

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo Gyun said, “First of all, I think military service is a sacred duty. We are taking into account all of the issues of equity and the issue of equity between basic art and popular art”

Minister Park said, “We are approaching these three factors, but public opinion is more important than anything else.”

1. I bet they don’t want to exempt BTS from military service, but they keep mentioning BTS

2. They had planned that they would enlist when the time was right. What nonsense are you talking about?

3. Leave BTS alone

4. I feel sorry for BTS who get criticized for no reason

5. No, are you kidding me? It’s because of you guys that BTS’s image started to deteriorate

6. BTS and BTS fans are really pitiful

7. Please leave BTS alone, now I feel sorry for BTS

8. No, BTS was thinking about enlisting and starting their individual activities. Why do you keep mentioning this?

9. I think they should enlist

10. ??? Are they still talking about this?

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BTS said they would serve IF/WHEN they were called. If they are not called to serve then it’s up to them whether they go or not like… let’s stop putting words in their mouths


i’m sorry but it’s been going on since 4 years already? they had all this time & when they do have talks it cuts short because they don’t have a solution & want the other kpop companies approval. those people are just giving incels men to continue hating on them online like give it up like clearly, they don’t want to give it to them so why continue making statements.


we all know they’re not gonna be given an exemption but i think the government thought they will all enlist together and the time of BTS not releasing music or having concerts as a group will only be 18 months or so. But when BTS announced they will do solo work instead while others enlist, then they panic.


Did they ask public opinion when exempting the 72k folks including son huengmin? They can stop the bull shitting, they never planned to give an exemption to BTS in the first place.


If bts or hybe don’t really want exemption they would have speak up clearly. Isnt this group is known for speaking up about several issues? Now when politicians keep mentioning them, suddenly they chickened out? Lmao. It just makes sense they themselves want the exemption

pannchoa steals translations

Obvs as any regular citizen they would like to be exempted legally, why would they be different from sports players or another artists getting their own?

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