Minji’s shocking journalist picture makes netizens want NewJeans to change their makeup shop

NewJeans Minji’s shocking journalist picture today

Is that the best they can do with her hair and makeup?

[+512, -44]

1. [+288, -3] I realized the importance of personal color

2. [+216, -2] Did NewJeans change their coordi? Minji doesn’t look good, but what about Haerin’s parrot head?

3. [+198, -4] She doesn’t suit that hair color

4. [+193, -4] NewJeans should change makeup shop too, seriously

5. [+144, -3] ? Who is she?

6. [+132, -3] NewJeans used to have unique styles before, but I’m getting more and more frustrated with their style. What is this?

7. [+118, -17] She looks much prettier with black hair

8. [+85, -23] Wow, she’s a real man. If she cut her hair short, she would look like a man

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