Momoland seems to have disbanded (letters from members)

1. They’re popular and good when they have 9 members, but after the famous members leave, the group tends to decrease

2. But if you’re going to copy content, you don’t need to write a handwritten letter

3. But why did they post the same handwritten letter? The fans must want to hear each member’s story

4. The name and font are different, but the content is the same

5. I guess the agency wrote the content and then let each member copy it..? The content is the same

6. It’s strange that each of them writes the same content in their own handwriting

7. If you copy and paste the content, it seems that just writing a statement through the company is enough

8. I think this is better than disbanding without a final goodbye

9. Yeonwoo is the winner

10. I want to see each member’s thoughts, but the content is the same

11. Momoland’s songs are good, but it’s a pity

12. Anyway, it’s possible that the members discussed and wrote it together

13. No, why did they copy and paste all the content and upload it?

14. Is it possible that the members discussed this together?

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it’s just the same letter… better to have 1letter signed off by every member instead. makes their handwritten letters insincere


I blame twinkhyung


you clearly dont actually give a fuck about the group so gtfo


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