‘Music Bank’ BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ surpasses BLACKPINK Jisoo ‘Flower’ to get 1st place for 2 weeks in a row

‘Music Bank’ BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ gets #1 for 2 weeks in a row

1. Congratulations Jimin

2. As expected, Jimin is daebak

3. I love this song!

4. The song keeps ringing in my ears, the more I listen to it, the better it gets

5. The song is so good, I still listen to it

6. I’m not an ARMY, but I love this song, so I listen to it often!

7. Congratulations, Jiminie!

8. Jimin got 5 crowns

9. Jimin, congrats on getting 1st place

10. This album has won 5 crowns on domestic music shows

11. The song is really good

12. Our Jiminie is doing well

13. The song is good, Jimin is so cool, congratulations

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