Music critic Im Jin Mo opposes BTS’ military service exemption “BTS is already enjoying a lot”

Lim Jin Mo said, “I definitely think that BTS should be rewarded. But it should not be connected to a military exception or exemption. I think it’s right for the members to enlist sequentially. I believe that it will not only bring equity but also good effects for them in the end”

1. I agree with him

2. “Military service should not be seen as a punishment”

3. He didn’t say anything that he shouldn’t have said, he just said the right things

4. I don’t know why people keep talking about BTS’ military service. Politicians keep talking about it, now even music critics talk about it

5. Seriously, I don’t know if BTS will enlist or not, but please don’t overestimate Korean traditional or classical music for wanting to be exempted from military service

6. But the BTS member never wanted to receive special treatment.. right?

7. That’s right, I totally agree

8. There are a lot of times when I don’t like Im Jin Mo, but I think this is true and he only says the important things

9. But didn’t BTS contribute a lot to Korea? BTS is a group that has contributed a lot to the promotion of Korean culture

10. If you are not brave enough to join the army, you will not be eligible to become a citizen of Korea

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I just hope s.korea doesn’t win Expo. They don’t deserve sh*t


Why is a music critic talking about this…

WhatsThe Point

The govt started the whole military talk, the govt got them deferment, but BTS is getting all the flak.
The govt doesn’t deserve to win the expo using BTS.
Try winning the expo w/o BTS then we’ll see


2. “Military service should not be seen as a punishment”

Good quote there

sankalp dtal

Tell that to the 10000+ Koreans who get exempt every year.


Nourrr… Taehyung need jenni pus$y 😂 😢


I think you are the only obsessive one here for jenni pus$y leftover 😁


Don’t add bts when you talk about your shitty toguhts 🤡

Logic Thinker

nah hope the dont win the bid like they dont deserve it


Such an incel man answer

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