NCT 127 ‘Kick It’ was plagiarized by ATBO

ATBO’s new album that’s said to be too similar to NCT 127’s Kick It

The concept of ATBO’s new album has just been released

A lot of people think of NCT 127’s Kick It

It’s ATBO’s choreography video, but there are many opinions that it’s similar to NCT 127’s Kick It choreography

1. I’m surprised that it’s so much more similar than I thought

2. Is it noisy marketing?

3. It’s like a downgraded version of NCT

4. The members’ abilities are all good, but what’s wrong with the company?

5. I think they’re really aimed at noisy marketing

6. What the hell? They completely copied everything

7. After watching the dance practice video, the members’ skills look good too ㅠㅠ The company is just crazy

8. I didn’t know the Kick It choreography, but I thought the first pic and the concept photo below were from the same group;

9. I saw both for the first time and thought they were the same group

10. It’s noisy marketing…. I just feel sorry for the kids

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