NCT Dream ‘Candy’ got #1 on Melon at 11pm

1. Congratulations on getting 1st place

2. I love this song

3. I like it because the song and Dream match well

4. I like the song, the stage is cute and the b-sides are good

5. The original song was so good, so of course they benefited from it. The song is good so please listen to it a lot

6. The original song was a masterpiece, but the arrangement is so good that I keep listening to it

7. The funny thing is that their biggest hit song is H.O.T’s song ㅠㅠ

8. Wow I really didn’t expect it but it’s good

9. This song and Dream match well

10. The power of the original song is amazing

11. The song is so good, I added it to my playlist after watching the performance yesterday

12. I’m listening to this song too

13. The song is so good ㅠㅠ

14. The stage is good, the song is good too

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Also Graduation & Moon is so damn good..I really like this album!


7. The funny thing is that their biggest hit song is H.O.T’s song ㅠㅠ

lmao being proud for remaking a song that is already w hit


not all remake of hit songs receive this result tho


well h.o.t is very popular , I think that’s what helped them receive this result , other remake of hit songs did not receive this result because they are not on par with candy and h.o.t’s popularity back in the day


oh wait, so hot candy was more popular than sechskies couple? because I heard sechskies were their rival and couple was one of their most popular songs (just want to know who did better lmao)

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Its either a hit or miss but they did great because their bsides are also within top 20


when no one cares about your music and prefer listening to 30 year old songs 💀💀


SM trusts them so little that they have given them a 26 year old song, because they know that on their own, it is impossible for them to achieve anything.

d d

it was member Chenle’s idea to remake this song.

your saviour

why people got a big hurt in the ass about this one? so what? what if other group does the same? especially those capitalist label with a bunch of media play and you all got immediately agree with a big proudness? HYPOCRITE.


Aespa was remaking S.E.S song and joy was given remaking song too for her solo debut but people are talking trash about nct dream just because they received the best result?


Ofc everything is wrong when it comes to nct


Aespa’s Next Level was a remake & Dream Comes True was remake of a remake, this group songs also a remake, like damn SM really really in huge lack of originality & barely chart with their own songs for their not 1st & 2nd gen groups.. Atp, why not give their 1st gen groups hit songs to the current active groups?


Soud seemed ‘Jealous’.. their other album is all good ‘Hot Sauce’ & ‘Glitch Mode’ which charted so well in Korea among all groups except B*S. They are successful with their young age & limited situation; also this remake is good. If remake is not good, why people will listen to it; they will only stick with orignal.

Please try to listen other Dream songs & album there are many good ones.

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Jealous or not, am I wrong tho? 😌

d d

you are irrelevant.

Hi, Im Guest

Just like your fave non remake songs😌


Lmao so funny cause snsd also has a remake song too


Yeah them too, and even their 1st gen. Like authenticity is out of SM league or something 🙂


Empty house media play with 200k ul lol

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