NCT Dream plagiarized TXT

It’s weird… right?

NCT Dream fans



What’s next?

[+90, -108]

1. [+90, -7] You should curse at the cosmetics company or the advertising company, why are you cursing at SM?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+71, -8] Isn’t it the fault of the cosmetics company?

3. [+49, -1] Wow, they’re really similar… But I think it’s the advertising company’s fault

4. [+32, -35] Whether it’s plagiarism or not, I don’t want to get involved in that fandom anymore..ㅠ

5. [+25, -40] NCT Dream… again…

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Switch the roles…they will never attack the advertising comp…instead they will attack bighit lol. And they will trend the hashtag of plagiarism. Sm and yg stan are expert in this area lol


You guys always have the victim mentality 😘


Pretty sure you are the one who act like a victim nowdays lol. Especially bb fandom. They really said they didnt care abt their boys dating anyone when their fandom slut shaming kiko and nana for years. They also attack krystal and make her close her ig just bcuz their oppa is liking all her post lol


BTS no signal ‘controversy’? Ring any bells?


There’s some right in the post?!! With dreamzens accusing plagiarism for the poster that’s 90s boy and inspired


Sm stan claiming: School uniform (boy in luv), cowboy hat/fire (jhope photofolio), touching bald head (jin enlistment pic), robe cloth (fake love), v face (they said he imitate baekhyun lol)…they are so many..please search by yourself..snsd fan are same too..they always attack apink and twice lol

Yg stan: orange hair (jimin and chaeyoung got attacked lol), running on field (run mv), signal vcr (idk why they claim its plagiarism when its normal signal on tv lol), wearing hanbok (daechiwta mv), etc…you can search by yourself too


no one takes “plagiarism” or “copying” accusations anymore. no one is trending hashtags whatsoever for these kinds of things. stop being stuck on your beef with EXO-L and Blinks


Lol. The fact exol and blink know they are the one who like to call other grp plagiarism, etc lol. Thank you for admitting it. Exo flop and bp is dozen and queen of media play. Nexttt


??? this isn’t about exo or black pink, this is about different groups, and the photoshoot isn’t even by sm and it’s not a comeback. its just make up


As expected from sm stan. Its okay for them to plagiarism but its a crime if other grp have a little similarity (not even enough to call plagiarism lol) to their flop grp


It’s a cf. So call the cf company out, not the idols.


This rule will not applied to any non sm artist lol. Next..


There’s nothing original from SM even NCT concept was a copied j-pop system


nothing is original in kpop


Yet yall love to claim hairstyle, face, etc lol


who’s y’all?? i don’t like it even if people from my fandom do it


Backstreet Boys sunbaenim paved the way!! lmao

Dreamzens have been foaming at the mouth asking SM to drop the Blancdiva deal for quite some time now. Maybe this will help plead their case… but given SM’s history they’ll probably not care as long as they’re getting their check.

Just a couple days back I saw someone complain about how Blancdiva made them look like an edgy 4th gen boy group haha Dreamzens are the most entertaining when they chew out SM

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dreamzens are even siding with Hybe during the kakao-hybe mess.




That txt concept is absolutely the worst. Both can’t even pull it off.

lilifilm soon

very on brand from SM


its not even from SM dummy. its for a make up brand


I hate nshit but come on this are the mos basic concepts out ther


I’m not an NCT stan but none of these concepts are unique enough that backstreet boys and txt are the only groups that have done them


The backstreet boys concept makes sense, it’s been done thousands of times. The TXT one? Nah. Never seen leather clothes with black scrawled words painted on the wall, with a couch as a prop. Yet they copied the exact details.. It’s so weird. “Its just a brand!” You were trending hashtags. It said CONCEPT PHOTO in the tweet. If this was the other way round we wouldnt be hearing the end of it.


are you still stuck on the days that big hit is a small company and everyone is ganging up on BTS. no one takes this kind of accusations seriously, no one is trending hashtags for this kind of thing anymore, and the situation is reverse now, everyone is accusing SM of copying in anything they do. and this isn’t even made by SM, its a make up brand. its going to be just pictures in the internet. they won’t be performing or having a comeback with this


Pretty sure exol are trending hashtag when bts drop jin military enlistment pic lol. #exoisthetrendsetter lol. Just for korean dissing them and said its part of their culture to touch male shaved head and i-roaches have not right to claim it as a concept for their oppas lol


that’s exo-ls, are exo or exo-ls involved in this?? nope. its younger groups, who all accuse each other of copying and no one takes it seriously


its for a make up brand not official comeback or official MD by SM. its for a make up product

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