NCT Dream won Album of the Year at the 2022 Genie Music Awards

Album of the Year at the 2022 Genie Music Awards – NCT Dream

1. I don’t even know any of their songs

2. Who are they?

3. Shameless…

4. What is the standard…??? I don’t think I’ve ever seen their songs on the music charts…?

5. Didn’t BTS sell more albums than NCT Dream?

6. Wow, SM is disgustingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. SM, can you please stop doing things like this..

8. I don’t even know what song they sang.. Where is their conscience?

9. Disgusting.. It’s worse than Produce

10. ???? What song did they sing this year?

11. What’s different with Produce?

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Bring back discuss

Where is the outrage from the kpop community??!!!

Meanwhile deranged carrots are dragging BTS for rightfully winning the male group award


Oh nshitty will be dragged. But not by you armchairs cause you should worry about peeteeass solos flopping first and their last cb making no noise. Only dives can have a say on it. We were robbed not you and your hag faves. Always wants to insert youself and act like the main culprits. Wonyoung had more impact than your faves this year. She is young but already an it girl just like her idol mother Jennie. But what about your faves. They only had a spotlight this year while one of your boys entangled himself in a relationship with Jennie and went to Celine show. But the main event was Lisa. Knetz only wants IVE to get the awards. Ive karma first got that number girls couldn’t even secure any wins. See rei surpass those so called japanese line of that grp soon too. Now these nshitty will be on line cause they stole OUR award not yours. And if your fandom doesn’t stop inserting your peeteeass anywhere you will be next. Only IVE deserves daesangs this year no one else. First try to give that member who is enlisting a win then talk about unfairness.


lol ive deserves a daesang alright but you’re crazy to think ive is even on the same playing field as bts


As I said only IVE deserves a daesang. You armchairs always wants to steal girl group daesang. You ppl are just like nshitty and their fandom. But want to act like you are above them. Uncultured ppl. IVE made huge impact. Korea praised them Japan praised them even Usa praised them. They surpassed all hag ggps and bgps with their debut only. It’s time you hag fandom so called third gens learn that your time is done. Maybe bp can continue if they don’t disband. But fourth gen bg are already flops so only fourth gen gg will rule. And in this case IVE. And your OPPAS will mention IVE as their ideal type to get some hype for them after finishing their military service. Third Gen is over when will you nasty ppl get it and accept that IVE are the new leaders of k-pop. And don’t worry next year IVE will easily over take your boys whole you will cry being military wives of men who don’t know you but those men will dance on IVE songs. We dives will take care of that and will rub in your faces this fact everytime. IVE will become the first gg to win Grammy and Bbma and you nasty armchairs will just watch. You nasty armchairs dragged my girls for topping your oppas but now are claiming to support our ive? Don’t make me laugh. You girls are just jealous of IVE cause they pretty and rich. And IVE is the top most gg of k-pop. They topped Korea usa Japan charts. Who you think you saying is not on same league as your faves? Cause IVE will surpass your faves in next two months only. Be prepared to cry

Ive the real queens of kpop

You military enlistment 875 stans are being very brave when your oppas are going on hiatus and maybe a disbandment soon. Don’t speak on ive impact. They ended floppinks dozenwice already.


Ive got no impact except that being carry hard by Kakao smear campaign articles???

But I wasn’t done…

The most delusional shit online today. Congrats

But I wasn’t done…

Envy is crippling within the kpop community when it come to bts


Man.. I hate that fandom with passion…, the most 2 face fandom I’ve ever seen


What a joke…

Ive the real queens of kpop

Yes this joke is uglier than 875, nshitty floppinks and dozenwice. This nshitty nightmare group should apologise for stealing Ive trophy.


shamless flops

Ive the real queens of kpop

Yes this nshitty nightmare group is flop along with floppinks dozenwice and 875. Only IVE are real impactful group in kpop. No one is near their league.


commit sewerside right now and save ur family the shame lol

But I wasn’t done…

Nurse!!!! Omg, nurse come quick it’s out again



Ive the real queens of kpop

Yes this nshitty nightmare should be embarrassed about stealing ive trophy. Also 875 floppinks dozenwice stans should realise that this year was ive year cause all their flop faves song flopped.

Grace Walker

Provide receipts to back up your claim instead of lip service.

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