NCT Dream’s fandom sent protest trucks to the Seoul Music Awards last year

Seoul Music Awards 2021
Daesang – NCT 127 ‘Sticker’

“Please reveal the scores for SMA’s Bonsang and Daesang!
Treat NCT Dream fairly!
We will always support NCT Dream!”

And one year later

2022 Genie Music Awards
Album of the Year: NCT Dream
Artist of the Year: NCT Dream

1. It’s just a comedyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. They won Singer of the Year, but the public doesn’t know who they are…

3. But isn’t their relationship good? Why do NCT Dream fans hate NCT 127…?

4. It’s ridiculous and silly to steal someone else’s Daesang and then compete with each other. Where can you find a better comedy than this?

5. I’m really curious who the judges are, they’re from SM, right?

6. Seoul Music Awards = SM Music Awards; Genie Music Awards = SM Music Awards

7. Are they two different groups? This is ridiculous

8. Please reveal the scores for Genie Music Awards’ Album of the Year and Artist of the Year

9. Shameless

10. I think they complained to SM, not the organizers

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Attack of the clones.

Ive the real queens of kpop

Nshittyzens armchairs blonks fraudonces all sits on the same chair. All do fraud to make their nugu groups more relevant. Their time is done. They now hags. Stan young ppl like ive.


Your favs belong to starship and kakao….corrupt company notorious for mediaplay, sajaegi and rigging votes so sit tf down


both award shows are shamelessly rigged and both group stans are pathetic

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