NCT Jaehyun who attended Milan Prada Show with unusual hair today

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1. It’s not unusual, it just doesn’t suit him

2. I’m not a fan and personally I think his hair didn’t save his face

3. His face has changed a lot

4. He looks like a vampire

5. Seriously, that hairstyle looks good on him. It suits him so well. His skin is really white

6. The style itself isn’t bad, but it doesn’t seem to suit him

7. He said that he has unusual hair so he was nervous, but he looks so hot and handsome. He looks like the male lead in a vampire movie

8. Wow why is he so white?? He looks like a vampire

9. But his proportions and body are not as good as I thought

10. He’s handsome, but his physique is a bit disappointing

11. He’s handsome… I prefer dark hair, but his face wins…

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