NCT Taeyong is being criticized in Japan for posting Dokdo map

The picture that Taeyong posted on his Instagram story

It is said that if you type Taeyong on Japanese Twitter with this, Takeshima will appear in the search bar

1. Wow, I will remember NCT’s Taeyong, he did well~!

2. I like idols and celebrities who express it like it’s natural

3. Taeyong is doing so well~

4. Taeyong fighting~

5. But seriously, I don’t know why we should care about Japan’s reactions

6. If you want to like Korean idols, at least learn Korean history

7. Wow, I like Taeyong

8. I don’t know Taeyong well, but I really like him

9. His heart is as handsome as his face

10. I’m not a fan of NCT, but I really like him

11. This is my first time seeing you, but from now on, I really like you. I don’t know NCT well, but now I need to remember Taeyong

12. I love it. How is Taeyong’s popularity in Japan?

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