Netizens accuse LE SSERAFIM ‘EASY’ of plagiarizing another song

A song that reminds me of LE SSERAFIM ‘EASY’ when I listen to it

For reference, this is the song that was released in 2017

1. HYBE has poisoned K-pop…

2. This is a time when K-Pop’s status is growing worldwide, but it’s embarrassing and shocking that a big company stole the song, choreography, concept, and MV. It wasn’t even once or twice

3. Just buy the songs like other companies do

4. This surprises me every time I listen to it

5. Would LE SSERAFIM ‘EASY’ have come out without this song?

6. The original song is better

7. I don’t know if it was plagiarism or not, but I think they definitely referenced it

8. What is the reason for this group’s existence..? Is this a group created for plagiarism?

9. This is a combination of two songs, it’s so good

10. I was surprised. It’s so similar

11. If these people don’t plagiarize, they can’t compose songs?

12. The music genre, singing style, even the lyrics are all the same

13. They are discussing copyright rights now

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