Netizens analyze whether NewJeans should choose ‘Mother’ Min Heejin or ‘Father’ Bang Si Hyuk

NewJeans, should they choose Min Heejin or Bang Si Hyuk… the biggest concern

Is it ‘Mother’ or ‘Father’? As the friction between ADOR CEO Min Heejin and HYBE President Bang Si Hyuk increases, NewJeans’ future actions become the biggest concern

This is because which position NewJeans will take in this dispute is considered the core of this dispute

It is known that NewJeans members still maintain a close relationship with CEO Min Heejin. If NewJeans choose Min Heejin, they will be able to become FIFTY FIFTY

In contrast, HYBE can’t easily give up on NewJeans, who generated 110 billion won in revenue last year

1. Like Min Heejin, NewJeans should also do what’s best for them. If they leave HYBE now, they are the dumbest people in the world…

2. Didn’t they say they were on Min Heejin’s side?

3. Of course they should choose HYBE

4. The value of NewJeans without Min Heejin can be maintained by more than 90%, but I don’t know if even half of the value of NewJeans without HYBE can be maintained

5. If they leave HYBE, they won’t be able to promote for at least a few years. They won’t be able to sing as NewJeans. They will have to pay compensation. There are countless problems, so please think carefully

6. If they leave HYBE, they are just idiots

7. For HYBE, both LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT are doing well so it would be a shame if NewJeans left, but it wouldn’t kill them

8. NewJeans without HYBE can’t even use the name NewJeans~

9. But if FIFTY FIFTY’s fine is 13 billion won, will NewJeans’ fine reach hundreds of billions of won?

10. The album quality may be low, but if they want to live as idols in the future, they have to give up Min Heejin..ㅜㅜ How can they maintain two things at the same time?

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