Netizens are amazed by BTS RM’s house revealed in I Live Alone

BTS RM’s house full of paintings and books revealed in I Live Alone

1. Namjoon is so cool

2. RM’s house is warm

3. I feel that he has a good personality, even with a lot of money you can’t live like this

4. It’s like an art museum

5. I like Namjoon who has healthy hobbies

6. A man who lives by paintings and books…

7. Wow, the house looks like an exhibition hall

8. Hul, I want to visit Kim Namjoon’s house ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. The house is lovely, it’s like an art gallery that I love. He lives a neat and good life

10. Namjoon’s house is so beautiful, it’s like a gallery

11. But Namjoon is just a Korean who uses the sofa as a backrest

12. The interior of the house is so beautiful and so cute

13. Namjoon-ah, I envy you..

14. Wow.. You have to pay the entrance fee to enter that house

15. Books, paintings, trees and Namjoon

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I Live Alone??? 🤔


“14. Wow.. You have to pay the entrance fee to enter that house”
LOL so true. It looks like a mini museum itself. I’m loving the room with the pink painting and tree painting in it.

Dot Com

His house is just what I was expecting. It’s so him


A house that truly reflects Rm’s personality. It looks very nice. The harmony of tables and other minimalist items is great.💕


I’m confused… this wasn’t on I Live Alone. This was uploaded on Bangtan TV?


Some koreans may got confused as its has pretty similar format with i live alone. Anyway, its trending at no7 in korea now. I bet alot of koreans curious to see how everyday life of superstar n his house.


I watched alot of kdramas that show famous actors, singers who always look larger than life. But RM who obviously more successful than those, still look down to earth n simple guy.

But I wasn’t done…

His home looks like good vibes


I like his house, I think the most surprising thing is that it is a normal house, in the sense that it has nothing extravagant, his furniture will obviously be more expensive, but it is not a house to look but to live in, it reflects very well who Kim Namjoon is. 


I’d be afraid to go to his house to be honest. Like my clumsy ass will definitely knock off something by accident and suddenly I owe him like 2 million dollars


Members were not really lying that his house really looks like a museum.


Our comfort person’s comfort house 💜


ang pangit ng mukha ng lalaking ito. nanalo talaga siya sa lotto. kung wala ang pangalan ng bts walang magbibigay ng pagkakataon sa uggo na ito.


You base everything on looks? His IQ and leadership got BTS where they are now. He wrote most of BTS lyrics, and spring day currently the longest charting song in Korea was written by him, ignorant fool. BTS was built around him, BTS was made because of him. Learn the history of BTS before you come out stup*d.


Why would I need to do any research. I’ve heard enough of their songs and have seen enough of their content and I don’t see what you see, so yea when there are no other qualities to judge it’s down to their looks.

I do not care for these people.. longest charting song doesn’t matter when it’s one group of people just playing the song on repeat…

You put these people on a pedestal, protect their actions with your lives. Fight for relevancy, call out people who don’t agree. Cultish behaviour. Pretty disturbing if you ask me.


Lol you are more invested than you think, I couldn’t care less who your favs are but here you are on a BTS article. Your opinion won’t take away the fact that BTS are beloved and well regarded in their own country. RM is particularly loved because of his high IQ. And melon chart is based on unique listeners and not steaming numbers by the same people. The fact you are justifying yourself for using derogatory remarks on a stranger speak well enough of your personality, a trash.


filipino moment


Pretty good for someone who just used google translate – it got some of you army idiots mad.

Last edited 5 months ago by Gail

I bet he has a whole other place just filled with art that he rotates among his properties


I like that he hung up the paintings


He probably sad he don’t hVe a place to put all his favorite art pieces


Agh, his taste is immaculate 💋🤌
I’m so thankful to him for introducing me to artists I wouldn’t have known abt otherwise (Kang Yobae and Lee Bae in particular, esp Lee Bae’s ‘Issu du Feu’ series).

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