Netizens are amazed by BTS RM’s house revealed in I Live Alone

BTS RM’s house full of paintings and books revealed in I Live Alone

1. Namjoon is so cool

2. RM’s house is warm

3. I feel that he has a good personality, even with a lot of money you can’t live like this

4. It’s like an art museum

5. I like Namjoon who has healthy hobbies

6. A man who lives by paintings and books…

7. Wow, the house looks like an exhibition hall

8. Hul, I want to visit Kim Namjoon’s house γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… 

9. The house is lovely, it’s like an art gallery that I love. He lives a neat and good life

10. Namjoon’s house is so beautiful, it’s like a gallery

11. But Namjoon is just a Korean who uses the sofa as a backrest

12. The interior of the house is so beautiful and so cute

13. Namjoon-ah, I envy you..

14. Wow.. You have to pay the entrance fee to enter that house

15. Books, paintings, trees and Namjoon

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