Netizens are angry that Inkigayo gave Stray Kids Hyunjin special treatment on his birthday

On Stray Kids Hyunjin’s birthday, Inkigayo seems quite sincere

Hyunjin was never the MC of Inkigayo

1. Do they do this for other idols? The person in charge is a big fan of Hyunjin?

2. But why is he so popularโ€ฆ? In terms of looks, there are more handsome members than him in that group. His skills? I don’t know because I never watched him

3. ?? Isn’t he a school bully?

4. He seems to have a lot of fans~

5. He looks more handsome with long hair

6. No, why is Inkigayo so interested in him?? Is anyone his fan among the staff??? He’s not even the MC???

7. He’s not even the MC, so why?

8. It’s the birthday of a school bully

9. There seems to be a fan among the staff

10. Will he be the next MC?

11. That’s why he didn’t leave the group

12. I feel sorry for the victims

13. I thought he was the MCโ€ฆ

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