Netizens are asking BTS to leave HYBE as soon as possible

Big Hit’s official account forgetting about BTS’ award news….. again…

(((Why didn’t they post about BTS while posting about other idols???!!! I’m not talking about comparing them, but I’m exclusively talking about BTS)))

“Big Hit ‘Team dedicated to BTS, 100 staff, to be stronger and more supportive'”

Since they renewed their contracts, I’ve been the most curious about the whereabouts of those 100 staff

1. This company is stupid

2. I know there were singers who were famous before BTS in Big Hit, but BTS did well so the company got bigger and HYBE acquired other entertainment companies… Why are they treating BTS like this?

3. When I see what HYBE is doing to BTS, looks like they f*cking hate BTS

4. Don’t renew the contract!!!!!!!!! I wish BTS left HYBE

5. Not once or twice, why?

6. Can’t they just all leave HYBE and set up their own company?

7. HYBE is jealous of singers’ popularity and influence.. This company is crazy

8. Yesterday, during their acceptance speech, they didn’t thank their agency

9. Isn’t the company not impressed with BTS’ domestic awards?

10. I hope BTS leaves HYBE as soon as possible

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