Netizens are asking singers and idols to sing live on music shows

What I want to see revived on music shows

Lip-sync and sing live

These days, it’s not fun at all because we can’t tell what’s live and what’s lip sync when watching music shows

1. Live AR is even worse than lip sync

2. They should stop cheating with Live AR

3. I wonder when and where did Live AR start?

4. I agree

5. I really hate Live AR

6. Lip-syncing doesn’t matter, but Live AR is too much

7. Singers should sing live

8. Well… I’m curious to see how many idol singers survive if they perform live

9. I think this really needs to be revived

10. It’s weird that they even record their breath and lip sync it

11. Live AR is like a scam

12. The lip sync stage is not fun ㅠㅠㅠ Let’s perform live

13. Just all singers sing live

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