Netizens are boycotting these songs of BTS and TXT because of Bobby Jung

Songs that pay royalties to Bobby Jung (BTS, TXT)

Bobby Jung sentenced to 1 year in prison for illegally filming victim ‘A’

I wish people didn’t listen to these songs

1. I like these songs, but I won’t be able to listen to them from now on

2. I’m disappointed that these BTS songs are boycotted, I like Answer and I’m Fine

3. There are no popular songs

4. He will make a lot of money

5. There are many songs that Bobby Jung participates in, so why are only two groups mentioned?

6. Among Bobby Jung’s songs, those two groups are the most popular…?

7. There are so many songs written by Bobby Jung, why did you mention only BTS and TXT?

8. Those are songs that I don’t know, so I feel relieved

9. I feel sorry for the people who co-wrote those songs…

10. BTS and TXT are victims too, stop talking about them

11. Honestly, BTS isn’t the one who will be affected just because people don’t listen to those songs

12. There’s no song that I know

13. Aren’t BTS and TXT victims too?

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