Netizens are boycotting these songs of BTS and TXT because of Bobby Jung

Songs that pay royalties to Bobby Jung (BTS, TXT)

Bobby Jung sentenced to 1 year in prison for illegally filming victim ‘A’

I wish people didn’t listen to these songs

1. I like these songs, but I won’t be able to listen to them from now on

2. I’m disappointed that these BTS songs are boycotted, I like Answer and I’m Fine

3. There are no popular songs

4. He will make a lot of money

5. There are many songs that Bobby Jung participates in, so why are only two groups mentioned?

6. Among Bobby Jung’s songs, those two groups are the most popular…?

7. There are so many songs written by Bobby Jung, why did you mention only BTS and TXT?

8. Those are songs that I don’t know, so I feel relieved

9. I feel sorry for the people who co-wrote those songs…

10. BTS and TXT are victims too, stop talking about them

11. Honestly, BTS isn’t the one who will be affected just because people don’t listen to those songs

12. There’s no song that I know

13. Aren’t BTS and TXT victims too?

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He just credited in guitar and the song (Filter) was written by 3 WOMEN!! He’s not the only on one the songwriting credits. These pathetic knetz

Last edited 3 months ago by Nabi

filter is a trash song anyway


the post literally just says that he receives royalties from these songs, not that he wrote them. it doesnt matter whether he’s only credited with guitar or that other people participated in the writing process. he still gets money. are you so weak that you would rather knowingly give money to a sexual offender than not listen to these songs? do you think the other songwriters care more about profit than respecting victims? youre pathetic.

WhatsThe Point

Would love to know if u don’t listen to songs where criminals get royalties like u claim to preach


Defending a sex offender, what did i expect from you guys

But I wasn’t done…

Y’all are so lame. Only in kpop do you throw away works of art because someone problematic sneezed on a song. The entire industry is criminal gonna throw it out too?

Last edited 3 months ago by But I wasn’t done…

I’m an army but I kinda agree with the boycott. I avoid all Dr. Luke songs for the same reason even though I could see myself liking Doja Cat


There is no boycott happening though lol. Many of these songs are receiving a lot of streams and support in South Korea right now. This post was clearly made by an anti, who wants to create problems.


I stopped listening to Travis Scott after the f**kery he pulled in his concert. Eventho I was a big fan of most of his songs. Ppl in west too stop listening or seeing an artist if they f**k up or have f**ked up ppl involved in their work.


When will that stupid brain of yours realize that credit was given just before these things happened?

WhatsThe Point

Would love to see y’all boycott other criminals too. But we ln how criminal grps are out there getting more recognition than deserved ones in that country


Two wrongs don’t make a right dumb hag

WhatsThe Point

Are u projecting urself on me dumbfck


I hate performative activism so much


People always have double standard with BTS.


Comprehension level -829292 Whats txt and the rest of the singers doing there? They boycotting because of the songwritters not because of the band


not only bts, I talk in general but I usually don’t really pay attention much on this stuffs unless the person is heavily involved in the song like they involve in composition, lyrics, prod and even sing it cause that means they earn most of the profits then but most of these songs involves numerous of people in there

I mean all Doja’s songs are produced by Dr Luke but does that stop you guys from listening to her songs and use them on your videos/soc meds ? No cause you guys know Doja the one who heavily involves in all the songs she released, Dr Luke just put his name there as producer and call it a day . The same goes with all the songs above and other songs.

But that’s just me.


People who still listen to BigBang or bap or ft island should stop talking


oh the burn
I like it.
Bet those knetz still stream on bigbang religiously. LOL the hypocrisy


wait, did himchan participate in making the songs too?


Lots of netizens are bb fans or bangtan antis. So i can’t take them seriously 🙂


Stop talking…. you all give hit to criminals.

But I wasn’t done…

I am still listening to these bops. No one taking knetz seriously when they still support YG and Bigbang. Anything to jump on BTS back about something and knetz are all over it.


Hybe making business with yg, lets start boycotting them too because they made the company rich too


*yawn* first boycott YG groups then we talk


What did winner treasure akmu and blackpink do?


what did bts and txt do?


If you can’t count on nothing else you can count on knets and kpoppies to be performative with BTS

Grace Walker

Lol, nobody cares if KNetizens, boycott those songs. They do not support BTS, financially its ARMY.


This topic and Suga public service rise the same day after Jin enlistment. Kpop stan are mad coz they can’t drag BTS to the mud, so they try to dig every single thing. Boycott if u want. Won’t take korean and kpop seriously coz u all still supporting criminal idol and criminal celebrities. Kpop fandom esp multi are crying coz ARMY only listen to BTS. For them, if BTS paved the way means BTS need to promote their fav and ARMY need to listen and streaming their fav songs.


Cmmt 5 and 7 have a point. I mean, let’s set aside the fact that the list includes songs that have barely the bare minimum of his involvement. But then, why single out only these 2 grps’ music if this was smt that was a real concern and not list every single songs he was even minutely involved in?

Post just screams antis being performative.


How is a group that purposedly include the song with this criminal in credit into their album, a victim? They just dont care. If they care, there won’t be a set of songs on this list

WhatsThe Point

Dumb bitch he worked with them before his crimes came to light. He’s literally dent to jail now and these songs were released years ago


Guys, don’t let these type of posts fool you.
I cannot speak for TXT since I’m an Army, but I can say that no song from BTS is getting boycotted. The person who posted this WANTS people to boycott these songs and there are many antis in the comments. The BTS songs on this this list are literally some of the biggest fan favorites in South Korea.


Performative activism everyone! Loser antis get a job, please.

Give it up deelishis

Y’all in the comments sounding just like r Kelly fans, my god.


I listen to them everyday.

John. Xina

Well considering BTS sales have fallen to Stray Kids and NCG level and their latest song flopped everywhere…I think only Army are listening anyway.

Grace Walker

Lol, BTS, sales have not fallen to Stray Kids. They have so many versions compared to BTS.


I’m going to be allll up in kpop stans favs credits bc there some real problematic ppl in their credits as well l. Racists, criminals, right wings you name it kpop has it


Lets start with your oppar first


I streamed these songs everyday before this article and would like to continue to do so 😊


Everyone is acting as if he did all the production. However, he only did a small instrumental part of the composition. And in addition, this event occurred after the production of the songs. Please stop hating bang because you’re falling into a dumb state 💀

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