Netizens are confused about Cardi B’s composer following BTS Jimin

Cardi B’s composer followed BTS Jimin

He also followed a producer who was under Big Hit, something big is coming

1. Hul daebak

2. Jimin has been working hard on music… I’m so excited ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Can’t wait

4. Daebak daebak

5. I’m looking forward to Jimin’s solo

6. Wow…

7. Jimin-ah… I’m waiting for you

8. I don’t know what it is but I’m looking forward to it

9. Crazy Jimin-ah!!!!

10. Hul I’m so excited ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Park Jimin!!!!!!

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And I will be shaking my ass


hmm so he’s the type to work with famous composer instead of composing on his own 🤔 quite contradict to his other members especially the rapline


jimin is more popular and well known then all of rapline combined lmao, ofc he’ll have famous reaching out to him that the other wont lmao


huh? famous people are reaching out to all of them lmfao.


Nugu and random indie k-artists, sure. What A-List western celebrity has reached out to rapline? RM collabing with nugu indie artists and washed up rappers, j-hope – crush (no one knows crush unless they’re already a kpop stan). Only Suga gets good collabs (IU/Psy) and thats only w k-artists


ya’ll downvoting but not answering the question 🤔 LMAOOOO.


Yeah and thats why pharrell works with rm 🙄 stfu akgae


Pharrell is a has been, his only hit was “Happy”. I’m sure the RM collab will result just like Sexy Nukim lmao, there’s a reason the collab is making no noise and a potential collab with JK is. I’m not an akgae it’s just general knowledge maknae line is more well known and popular and have more people wanting to work with them


hmm so you’re the type who reads “I like waffles” as “I hate pancakes” 🤔


This comment is corny and pointless, next


What intetesting lack of reading comprehension you have lol


that sht is so corny and overused, if you want to put in your pointless 2 cents at least say something new or interesting


So you don’t think OP was making an illogical reach with their statement abt Jimin? If so, then I’m afraid your replies beats mine at being far more interesting with how complementary you are with OP in your own illogical reach.

But this also means you beat me at coming across as more corny with that same lack of reading comprehension.


Not a kpop girlie talking


I’m so intrigued by what Jimin has planned, esp with these teasers coming out recently from different ppl on instg (Duane Benjamin and Antwone Barnes posting with a choir 👀)

WhatsThe Point

I’m looking forward to whatever jimin has in store, his solo discography is so diverse and attractive.


i love how they’re busy making music
knowing there gonna be new music cooked for us everyday warms my heart.


Seriously though what’s the album even gonna sound like? lol

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