Netizens are confused about IVE’s Best Performance award at the 2022 MAMA

The MAMA award that I was most confused about today

Best Performance – IVE

[+395, -195]

1. [+218, -23] No, whether it’s performance or something else, they always give awards based on results so…

2. [+216, -156] There are many groups of the same generation, such as LE SSERAFIM and NMIXX, that specialize in performing, so I wonder why they gave it to IVE…

3. [+188, -7] That award is given to the group that performs the most interestingly of the year, not the group that dances wellㅋㅋ If that’s your logic, GFriend is overwhelming in 3rd generation and ITZY is overwhelming in 3.5th generation

4. [+138, -74] Am I the only one who misunderstands the meaning of “performance”?

5. [+125, -62] I can agree with the best digital award but the best performance is questionable

6. [+15, -20] I was confused about their Daesang

7. [+12, -14] This dance decided their best performance award

8. [+11, -24] I was confused about Daesang. Shouldn’t Tomboy be Song of the Year this year?

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