Netizens are confused about the post saying that Kim Garam will come out on I-LAND 2

Looks like Kim Garam will be coming out on I-LAND 2

1. Why is this so funny?

2. But even if she hadn’t appeared there, I think she would have become a celebrity. She will debut as an actress

3. I’m more impressed that people believe this

4. A tweet from a foreigner, can you believe it?

5. I-LAND??? It seems like it’s a show featuring Song Kang. What show is that?

6. How did they even find this out?

7. They say she will act one day, but they always say something else

8. Does Garam have a conscience?

9. Huh???????

10. A foreign account…?

11. Of course it’s possible ㅠㅠㅠ Even Hyunjin gets to promote as an idol

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