Netizens are confused by NCT ​​Dream’s 3rd full album ‘ISTJ’ surpassing 4.1 million pre-orders

‘Comeback’ NCT DREAM, 3rd full album ‘ISTJ’ surpasses 4.1 million pre-orders

NCT DREAM’s 3rd full album ‘ISTJ’, to be released on the 17th, has surpassed 4.1 million pre-orders (as of the 10th)

1. 4.1 million copies…? Wow, it’s like Seventeen and Stray Kids, who bought all those albums?

2. In the future, K-Pop groups will reach 10 million pre-orders

3. Wow.. It’s amazing how they can sell 4 million copies even though people don’t know any of their songs

4. NCT’s music is always good

5. I like NCT Dream’s songs, so I listen to them a lot everyday, but I’m also looking forward to this songㅋㅋ

6. Wow, but who buys idol albums these days?

7. They sold 4 million copies, but I don’t know their faces or names

8. Wow, they sold more albums than I thought

9. How many copies were sold in China?

10. Is this possible?

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