Netizens are confused by NCT ​​Dream’s 3rd full album ‘ISTJ’ surpassing 4.1 million pre-orders

‘Comeback’ NCT DREAM, 3rd full album ‘ISTJ’ surpasses 4.1 million pre-orders

NCT DREAM’s 3rd full album ‘ISTJ’, to be released on the 17th, has surpassed 4.1 million pre-orders (as of the 10th)

1. 4.1 million copies…? Wow, it’s like Seventeen and Stray Kids, who bought all those albums?

2. In the future, K-Pop groups will reach 10 million pre-orders

3. Wow.. It’s amazing how they can sell 4 million copies even though people don’t know any of their songs

4. NCT’s music is always good

5. I like NCT Dream’s songs, so I listen to them a lot everyday, but I’m also looking forward to this songㅋㅋ

6. Wow, but who buys idol albums these days?

7. They sold 4 million copies, but I don’t know their faces or names

8. Wow, they sold more albums than I thought

9. How many copies were sold in China?

10. Is this possible?

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Waiting on those stadium tours to match


They don’t chart as good as top/mid GGs in SK yet no gg ever did that in SK and settle with arenas at best

So I am assuming currenr bgs album numbers (besides the obvious inflation and gimmicks) are fan base power unlike current ggs who chart well mostly due to general public


4.1 million physicals that will be dumped the next day and 10 streams


our poor oceans….


Congrats on the tour <3


Saw a post on reddit saying that their album has 24 versions. Not surprised that they crossed the 4m mark


BTS will cry if they know this

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