Netizens are confused by NMIXX’s concept for ‘ENTWURF’

NMIXX’s 2nd single ‘ENTWURF’ Concept Photo 1 group photos

1. Wow.. What is this concept?

2. Sullyoon looks like a doll in the first photo

3. They could have taken better pictures… I’m a bit disappointed

4. Is it retro concept? The album title font and the teaser image don’t match. They are all so pretty ㅠㅠ

5. I’m really looking forward to the song because I think the song was chosen so well

6. I hope the song and choreography are good

7. What’s wrong with the colors…. I don’t think the cut is the best either

8. What’s wrong with JYP? What is this concept? They are not doing well

9. Give them a good song, please…

10. I don’t know what the concept is

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