Netizens are confused by the prediction that YG’s rookie girl group will debut in June

YG’s rookie girl group to debut in June

Of course this may not be true, but seeing things like this makes me curious…

1. WINNER and BLACKPINK will make a comeback in June, but are you saying that YG will debut their new girl group in June?? This is impossible

2. Nonsense. Three groups will come out in June?

3. YG is not an agency that can manage three groups’ promotions in one month

4. I’ll be happy if they debut… but don’t expect it..

5. There are times when the predictions of securities companies are not correct

6. Seriously, I don’t believe this

7. I don’t think it will happen.. Because BLACKPINK and WINNER comebacks are scheduled for June

8. It’s YG, so don’t believe it

9. I think they will debut this year, but not in June

10. I don’t care, I’m looking forward to BLACKPINK’s comeback

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