Netizens are curious about whether BTS V is close with other idols

Is V close with other idols??

I can’t remember any idols except the actors

1. Wasn’t he in the same class as Seunghee? There was a fancam of him reacting to her stage

2. Yook Sungjae? It was friendship when they were rookies

3. He was in the same class as Seunghee, and he was also a classmate with ONF’s MK

4. SHINee Minho?

5. Oh My Girl Seunghee?

6. You don’t even know Yoona is close to him?

7. I only know Seunghee

8. Why are you curious??

9. Aren’t there a lot of singers and actors close to him? He’s known for being friendly

10. V has a lot of friends

11. Isn’t he friends with Jung Eunji?

12. He’s close with Yoona too

13. He has a lot of friends because he’s so friendly

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I think he is friends with some of them but prefers is non famous and wooga squad. He seems very private so I don’t think he is someone who broadcasts all his outings with celebrities.

yes hi

the “idol friends” kpop fans always say, the bts members haven’t mentioned or seen in years. Oh My Girl Seunghee confirmed a few years ago that she’s been friends with tae & jimin since high school, obviously the wooga squad & yoona

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Right. It’s the clout seeking validation by having a bts member admit friendship with their idols


People like you are the reason idols don’t usually say who they’re friends with🤦🏼‍♀️


Yeah… that’s the reason 🙄🙄


He’s close with Jennie 😍

But I wasn’t done…

Jennie close with gd 😍 Teddy 🥰 Jeremy😘 Kai🥵 yg 🤤



My name

Jennifer and gd having vaccination in LA while other girls are back in Korea, Gd and his friends loudly supporting blackpink but you still stuck on tae😂 oh baby when we said blonks want tae for their girl so bad we were not lying.


Wow blinks really love connection Tae with Jennie but keep on denying GD when Dispatch itself revealed that relationship lmaooo.


wow I wanted to ask why you’re being downvoted, but there are a lot of delusional solos who are still in denial apparently.
y’all it’s ok, he’ll never fuck you either way 😂

(And before anyone calls me a blonk or whatever, i couldn’t care less for these girlies)

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Dot Com

We have something in common because Jennie not getting his dck either. Your y/n moments through Jennifer will have to remain on your twitter threads.


bruh the delusion, you probably think he’ll stay a virgin until marriage or smth. Just go outside and get laid you incel 💀

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jennie is in Los Angeles with GD as you’re writing this lmao


anything to have you sleep at night I guess 🤡


They’re not even hiding, just go on their insta and you will see they’re always in the same city. GD is following her everywhere.

But I wasn’t done…

Tae don’t know them fads.

Cranberry musk

Why do they want him to hang with idols tho? Why him, as if he’s the only one not giving them flops the time of day. Jin, joon, yoongi and Hobi don’t hang with too many of them either. They must feel the jealousy of their peers…


why are you so intent on making something that isn’t a problem a problem? are you miserable?


Why you calling op out but got nothing to say about the antis on Tae’s own post calling him a leech? Fvck y’all honestly


Beakhyun, Yoona, sungjae, mark, amber, there are a lot of them he used to be close with probably still is but most of their friendship we would see was through award shows but now other idols don’t really attend it.
But he rn is closer with wooga and hyoshin


I think he still keeps in touch with some of the other idols he’s friends with but V is very lowkey (I mean no one even saw him in Paris lmaooo) and the other idols he’s friends with also tend to keep their lives private.


He is very good in keeping things private we only know things that he will tell us about himself otherwise nothing


He takes advantage of his friends. He is so selfish


Oh really? Which of his friends told you that? lmao


Jungkook. He keeps feeding his cult taekookers and keep mentioning Jungkook and post photos or go live whenever Jungkook does something cause he can’t stand seeing jk getting the attention. You are not an Army if you didn’t notice. It’s a pattern.

Dot Com

Jk himself post during other members vlives. Y’all are weird. Tae is Jk’s biggest supporter and friend. Tae, Hobi and joon are the most active on sns and you think he stalking Jk’s movements when he already has the most engagements. Don’t flatter yourself.


Bitch you are here as well 😂 I have never seen a more pathetic person than you. For someone who claims to hate him so much you are always so involved in what he does and what he doesn’t get a life and fyi out of your delusion jungkook is his friends/member for over 10 years he name drop other members way way more than jungkook engage with them more be it on insta, vlogs, weverse but its a problem when it jungkook lol so go cry in the corner I hope he mentions him more


oh, kthhatesbts it’s you. can’t wait for the day you get doxxed and see your vgly face all over tw lol

Dot Com

Imagine Tae someone at the top of the food chain having to take advantage of someone else. Yall say anything and hope it sticks

WhatsThe Point

He’s a friendly person and has lots of idols friends probably but most of them are senior singers and actors like park hyoshin, seojoon etc


I don’t think so, his superiority complex and arrogant ass don’t make friend with other idols but he is leeching off of famous actors and rich people from entertainment industry


Be fr. BTS is more famous and earns more than those actors lmaooooo.


and he still wants fame from kdrama audience. That’s how greedy and clout chaser leechyung is

Dot Com

If he wants to be an actor he will still get more fame and recognition than those he hangs out with. Taehyung himself is clout and your mad about it.

Dot Com

Leeching off people less famous than him… yeah that makes sense. Just say you’re mad he don’t hang with you mid idols it much easier


not his fault jimin and jungkook are friendless


He isn’t, he is too busy with Wooga’s squad 🌬️🍆💦


You mean Jennifer??


That one too, he is sucking Jennifer and Joana’s 🐈🐱 *cough fuckboy 😹 anyways, I could careless about Jennifer. Go off.


Gorl I doubt Tae has the time for your fads with the way you’re always on your knees for a sloppy FF from Tae. You dont have to chew your food anymore your throat so wide.


He is certainly very close to Jennie..😈


She’s very close to a lot a men since she dated half the industry but V is not one of them sorry.


Not sure if theyre still close but exo suho baekhyun


I kinda find it cute that he got close to Suho when BTS were nobodies. Many people in the industry mistreated them back then just because they were still small.


He was never close to suho only beakhyun and they are still friends so idk what you all are making fuss about


a try hard…


Army don’t forget to vote let’s give them more awards💪💪


he was/is friends with joshua from seventeen due to their shared birthday. both are quite private though so we’ll probably never know if they still are, last interaction was in 2018 lol


Beautiful kpop think k pop

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