Netizens are curious about whether BTS V is close with other idols

Is V close with other idols??

I can’t remember any idols except the actors

1. Wasn’t he in the same class as Seunghee? There was a fancam of him reacting to her stage

2. Yook Sungjae? It was friendship when they were rookies

3. He was in the same class as Seunghee, and he was also a classmate with ONF’s MK

4. SHINee Minho?

5. Oh My Girl Seunghee?

6. You don’t even know Yoona is close to him?

7. I only know Seunghee

8. Why are you curious??

9. Aren’t there a lot of singers and actors close to him? He’s known for being friendly

10. V has a lot of friends

11. Isn’t he friends with Jung Eunji?

12. He’s close with Yoona too

13. He has a lot of friends because he’s so friendly

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