Netizens are debating whether ITZY and Aespa are the 4th generation

ITZY and Aespa are also 4th generation???

I wonder

1. Both groups are 4th generation

2. I thought Aespa wasn’t the 4th generation

3. ITZY has started the 4th generation

4. Isn’t Aespa 4th generation?? When ITZY and TXT debuted, the door of the 4th generation opened

5. ITZY and TXT opened the 4th generation

6. ITZY opened 4th generation, why do you guys keep saying they are not 4th generation?

7. Aespa is definitely 4th generation, but for ITZY, to be honest, I think it’s a bit hard to consider them 4th generation

8. ITZY debuted with the title of 4th generation on the headlines

9. Aespa is the 4th generation…

10. No matter what anyone says, ITZY and Aespa are 4th generation

11. Didn’t ITZY start the 4th generation?

12. Isn’t Aespa one of the representatives of the 4th generation?

13. If ITZY is 4th generation, then what about NMIXX?

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