Netizens are debating whether NCT 127 and NCT Dream are two completely different groups

Are you saying that NCT 127 and NCT Dream are completely different groups?

I’m curious

1. They are two different groups, they have their own official fanclub, right?

2. They’re in the same group but in different units

3. For the fans of other groups, they are like the same group

4. They released their own album, so it’s embarrassing to say that they’re in the same group

5. Same group, but different unit

6. They release their own albums, hold their own concerts and have their own stages, how can they be the same group?

7. When I first heard about the NCT system, I understood that there are several units in the group

8. They are like cousins

9. They are the same group

10. Do other groups use the same lightstick? Just the same group, but different units

11. I’m curious too

12. Sometimes they’re in the same group, sometimes they’re in different groups

13. Aren’t they NCT?

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nope , they’re not . I thought people know this cause if you’re into jpop and familiar with 48 groups , you wouldn’t say HKT48 and SKE48 are the same groups . But few members from HKT and SKE respectively would also be the member of the main group which is AKB48 , kinda like NCT U where the members are also derived from NCT 127, WayV, NCT Dream .

Hi, Im Guest

Don’t they shared the same lightstick?


yep, officially different fandoms too, even though they share the same name.


mark must be fkin tired. that man is awesome multi tasker


Haechan and Mark constantly working overtime


Theyre not the same group????


Same group different subunits and one rotational sunbunit.
NCT holds every 22 member in them rn they all are NCT. NCT 127 Dream Wayv are permanent subunits and more subunits like these can be made in future. NCT U is rotational subunit. Members of NCT can be formed into a group with different members in it like 127 dream wayv some members may put in a group and they release a song. Some year they release an album with all members like in years 2018 2020. There are some rumours of NCT 2021 coming soon but we don’t know.


And they all call their fans nctzens 127 and dream both call their fans nctzens.
Wayv call their fans wayshennies. And whole NCT call their fans nctzens or czennies.


They all share the same lightstick. Just wayv has different design with v instead of a box but the color is totally same neon green.
So if they both lightsticks as together they will glow like one.


More than saying they are in the same group. It’s better to say they are under same brand which is NCT.


시즈니 is more of a shorter name/nickname, officially they are “nctzen dream” and “nctzen 127”. they have different fanclubs and different logos, even if the lightstick and color are the same


the nickname/shortened name is both 시즈니 but officially they are a different fandom with different logos


They are totally different group. They have their own album, songs, channel, spotify and both group only shared Mark & Haechan. They have a unit called ‘NCT U’ which all nct members in a group with kind of like rotate schedule (base on their music). All their records, achievements, sales & recognitions are separtated to individual group.


Huh, I genuinely wanna know too. Do they have a different fandom name and lightstick?


No they have one lightstick and one fandom name. Only wayv got kind of diffrent ls and fandom name but when wayv members are with all NCT they denote the fans as nctzens and czennies only.
Wayv only difference with ls is that the original block design with NCT craved on it is just transformed and made into V apart from that the ls is of same color and composition. I mean at a concert both will look same until you focus on their design. Wayv on seperate denote their fans as wayshennies…
NCT is kind of a brand in in which their are various groups like 127 dream wayv and now one more upcoming subunit. When the members are together they are called as nct.
Their awards and records are counted seperately. NCT U is a rotational unit in which all NCT members can take part in. Like you can see boss, make a wish, work it, 90s love. These all songs are formed by NCT U.


officially the fandoms are seperate too. there’s “nctzen-127” and “nctzen-dream”, different fanclub/lysn/kwangya, different registration and different logos


they officially different fandoms that have the same color and (127 and dream) same lightstick. the official names are “nctzen-127” and “nctzen-dream”, even though both shortened name/nickname is 시즈니, they even have different logos and ace registration


different fandoms even though same lightstick


127 got most push but dream are more popular while nobody care about WayV

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Dream definitely got more push this year they even had three comeback this year will debut in Japan too


Same fandom name. Same lightstick. BUT they are different groups. Once in a while they collab but they have different everything else. Wayv lucked out by having a different name so it’s less confusing


WayV got treat like they’re Chinese SM leave them out

I read your article carefully, it helped me a lot, I hope to see more related articles in the future. thanks for sharing.

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Reading your article has greatly helped me, and I agree with you. But I still have some questions. Can you help me? I will pay attention to your answer. thank you.

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