Netizens are debating whether NCT 127 and NCT Dream are two completely different groups

Are you saying that NCT 127 and NCT Dream are completely different groups?

I’m curious

1. They are two different groups, they have their own official fanclub, right?

2. They’re in the same group but in different units

3. For the fans of other groups, they are like the same group

4. They released their own album, so it’s embarrassing to say that they’re in the same group

5. Same group, but different unit

6. They release their own albums, hold their own concerts and have their own stages, how can they be the same group?

7. When I first heard about the NCT system, I understood that there are several units in the group

8. They are like cousins

9. They are the same group

10. Do other groups use the same lightstick? Just the same group, but different units

11. I’m curious too

12. Sometimes they’re in the same group, sometimes they’re in different groups

13. Aren’t they NCT?

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