Netizens are debating who this 4th generation female idol is

Who is this 4th generation female idol?

Aespa Giselle or LE SSERAFIM Kazuha

1. Is she Kazuha?

2. I think it’s Giselle

3. I think of Kazuha, but I can also see Giselle

4. I think it’s Kazuha after looking at her eyes and nose

5. Anyone can tell it’s Giselle… She looks like Giselle

6. Isn’t it Giselle??

7. I thought it was Giselle, but it’s Kazuha

8. She looks like Kazuha

9. I think it’s Giselle

10. Anyone can see it’s Kazuha

11. I confidently shouted Giselle!!!

12. Maybe because I’m a fan of Kazuha, she looks like Kazuha

13. I can’t see Giselle at all

14. Have you seen Giselle?? I can only see Kazuha

15. I can’t see Giselle

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