Netizens are disappointed after watching Aespa ‘Girls’ MV

Aespa ‘Girls’ MV

1. Is this their title song? It’s like a song in the game

2. The song is a bit disappointing ㅠㅠ I’ll have to wait for their stage

3. It’s like a lower version of KDA…

4. The song is good, but the choreography is bad…. Who choreographed the chorus?

5. I know worldview is important, but I hope they stop obsessing about Black Mama for every music video

6. They’re all pretty but the song isn’t good and I personally think the song is too long

7. I’m curious about the stage, after watching the MV, the choreography looks a bit boring

8. The public’s reactions to Aespa’s songs and the reactions on Theqoo are always different, so I’m sure they’ll be fine

9. They look like the male version of NCT

10. This song is not good, has no impact, and the member named NingNing looks old

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Overhype Aespa. The fans are so obsessed to surpass Blackpink. Very desperate and obsess. Overhype. Mediaplay as always. 🤮🤮


Indeed the company itself is so desperate to surpass bp and yet cant crack 10m views for like how many hours lmaoo and even streams so low.

Last edited 6 months ago by Mare

SM usually use ads in the first day of group mv release. I notice that in the first several hours, the views is always increasing slowly. but nearing the end of 24 hour mark, the views will suddenly jump very high lol. it probably will have more than 30m views I think

Last edited 6 months ago by zakuro

Sm only through money on NcT and aespa, most of other sm groups have organic views


Yt has changed their rules


i honestly feel the same with how much they envy with bp success so they tryna recreate bp 2.0 but with the diff ai concept. Just like how they tryna create bts 2.0 with superm


What are you talking about? Literally everyone here is hating on them..intl fans are no better than Korean ones.. stop hating on them


why you mad


please at least get rid off those cringe lyrics. so childish


No matter how sm media play aesplastic the fact is they are just mediocre. No stage presence. No talent in writing songs. No visual. I’m not impressed. Many new groups from nugu agencies are still wayyy better


The lyric is so awful. Its clear it came from company meeting trying to put buzzword


Lee Sooman wants Aespa to be BP so bad. He forgot at the very least the song needs to have a generic Teddy hook, not whatever this video game soundtrack crunchy blender mess of a production was.

Also, one day an SM song will be released without the unnecessary use of random high notes at the end. That day is not today, apparently.


Pannkpop really hates Aespa huh?

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