Netizens are disappointed that BLACKPINK ‘BORN PINK’ only has 8 songs

BLACKPINK 2nd album ‘BORN PINK’ Tracklist Poster – 2022.09.16 1PM (KST)

BLACKPINK 2nd album ‘BORN PINK’ – 2022.09.16 1PM (KST)

1. Why does the album only have 8 songs? ㅜㅜㅜㅜ YG again

2. It’s a pity that the album only has 8 songs ㅠ Except for Pink Venom and Ready For Love, there are only 6 new songs

3. Except for 2 songs that have already been released, 6 new songs?

4. I’m curious about the songs

5. Hul the lyricists are Jisoo and Rosé

6. No, is this a full album? Why only 8 songs?

7. Well, Jisoo and Rosé participated in writing the lyrics for the b-side songs

8. Is it a full album? It’s a full album, but 8 songs?

9. Looks like YG is making the rules like a messㅋㅋ They wanted to release it as a mini album, but they had to do it as a full album, so they only added 8 songs

10. Just trust and listen to BLACKPINK’s songs

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I feel like bp just released an album because blinks have been begging for it. you could tell being an idol/artist isn’t their #1 priority anymore since they have other things to do like as a fan is disappointing to see

Internet introvert

These girls are not singers. They are influencers that sing. Everyone needs to just accept it and learn to live it.

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