Netizens are disappointed with Aespa ‘Girls’ first public stage

Aespa ‘Girls’ first public stage

1. Like Coachella, they look like a K-pop cover dance team when they go abroad;

2. The stage looks so empty because there’s no member capable of controlling the stage.. They all have good skills, but the choreography seems pretty weak

3. The stage looks so empty

4. The song is good, the choreography is a bit disappointing, but the members are so pretty

5. They look like Japanese female idols who can’t dance in high school uniforms with heavy makeup

6. It’s a mess

7. Besides lip syncing, the stage is boring.. What the hell is SM doing?

8. And they still lip sync? At this point, I wonder if it’s just because they don’t have good singing skills

9. The chorus choreography is so weird

10. They always just lip sync… I really don’t understand why they are so popular

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kim joline

oh wow they spilled.. unfortunately


Aespa lacks stage presence like they haven’t had a single good performance that was praised for other than their visuals and I feel like a lot of it has to do with their choreo being boring


Not the choreos fault. no matter how great a choreo is if the performers have no stage presence it’s going to become bad.
theres plenty of performers with horrible choreo who still are able to carry. Aespa lacks presence. they’re boring


None of the member has charisma as performers.


im srly not a blink. sm is trying to hard to make their own bp but all 4 ae girlies together dont amount to the stage presence of jisoo’s pinky toe. bp might have the least impressive choreo ever, it’s just arms moving around but at least they have the presence that you dont even notice


Exactly bp dance is not the best nor in sync but they make up for it by their performance ,control on stage and charisma.

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2. The stage looks so empty because there’s no member capable of controlling the stage.. They all have good skills, but the choreography seems pretty weak

It’s true. Nobody stands out and has powerful stage skills, it looks like a kpop cover group.


even cover groups have more stage presence than that lmaoo


spilled real hard, those 4 dolls got fame too fast that they wont bother to give an effort


I’m going to give them a benefit of the doubt and say they just need to build experience but they really have to stop lip syncing. I just can’t see how they can grow and be comfortable on stage if all they rely on is lipsync for main events.


They almost 2years group i dont think they will improve the way they perform always with being like that lol

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but like, how long can the benefit of the doubt last? there are groups that since debut give 10x the energy and presence that aespa has right now has a 2 yr old group


They are so boring on stage theres no one in the group that captivates the audience while performing. They are justthere to perform and do nothing.


maybe they need their own solo concert so they can improve


Festival is where the experience start and they been to korean festival and theres no improvement omge.


They always look boring on stage. Not one member has charisma.

How they gonna do concerts? Lipsync? Lol


NingNing is the only one with actual stage presence but they don’t allow her to be different.

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