Netizens are disappointed with Aespa’s new song’s ranking on Melon chart

Aespa’s new song on Melon chart

51 on the realtime chart
It didn’t enter the Top 100

1. Aespa made a comeback?

2. I didn’t even know they made a comeback, I’ll have to listen to their song

3. I saw this post and listened to it, the song is so good

4. It’s a pre-release song anyway, so I think the title song will be better

5. NewJeans and IVE’s pre-release songs were so good and they hit the top 5 right away, but Aespa surprised me a bit

6. SM always seems to save so much money on promotions, what the hell are they doing?

7. I listened to this song after reading this post, and it’s so good

8. Anyway, Aespa will hit the daebak~

9. They are weak compared to other 4th generation idols

10. I didn’t even know the new song came out. I need to listen to it

11. Aespa???

12. Out of Aespa’s songs, this is my favorite.. But there’s not much promotion for the pre-release song

13. Aespa’s pre-release song is so boring

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Was it a surprise drop? I haven’t been paying attention


Not so suprise, but SM just release vid intro and article only about this pre-release, no massive promotion, so people not aware about this so much..probably since this is only b-side, they dont want to attract much attention from their title track that gonna release nxt week,


SM is so dumb when it comes to promotion, like so many people doesn’t aware about this pre-release so it speak too much why their ranking in chart is so low, compare to NJ and IVE pre-release, their promo is like the title track & ofc it’s dance song, so it catch public attention, when release it straight away charting high..but aespa pre-release song this time is alternative pop, like ballad, dreamy, but it’s so good tho.. they really show their artistry sight for this cb.. but sighh I hope for their title track nxt week release, SM gonna full force the promotion, tiktok, youtube, let them go all of the show to promote their cb, this is their 1st cb after 10 month..


15 minutes of fame… over


Emm not really, this is just their pre-release, even knetz are not aware about their cb.. let’s see when they release their title track next week 💁🏼‍♀️


Bestie Ditto and Kitsch are also pre-releases and both got RAKs and Ditto has the most PAKs, what’s the excuse lol


SM’s fault for not focusing on the team despite the team still being a rookie


It’s an unconventional choice for a pre-release track – a slow ballad, as opposed to something catchy with an earworm hook that was made to go viral on tiktok, which is the type of music that normally shoots up in the charts.

To me it’s obvious this song was chosen for storytelling purposes, like a prelude to the next chapter of their lore. I appreciate the direction they’ve taken with their music, it’s unusual, intriguing, and well executed.

Also, the number of Knets who didn’t even realise Aespa was coming back shows just how poorly SM is promoting them and their comeback. That’s the only thing the girls lack – having a competent company that goes all out with promotions.

Although I’m sure their title track will do well, I really hope they have proper promotions for this comeback. Stop gatekeeping them, SM!


Yup.. as a non-fans, when I heard this song accidently on youtube yesterday, it totally hook me damnn with the orchestra thingy, magical’s really bring u to their world..the quality of the song is so top notch..u know girl group release nowadays tend to go the easy catch song that can attract the public in order for the song to do well in charts, but I know since this is like ballad, slow tempo song ofc didn’t attract much attention from public, and plus I heard knetz also doesn’t aware aespa make a cb? Damnn SM marketing team is so poor in promoting them.. whatever it is, I heard they gonna cb next week? I’m gonna tune in for their title track since this pre-release already build my anticipation for their music..


Aespa plastic horse face flops


Oh u talk about yourself? The plastic one..😋


they flopped 😪


Totally flop


Oh they really fell off. Newjeans and IVE killed their pre-releases Ditto and Kitsch. If aespa doesn’t succeed with the title track, they’re gonna join ITZY in the has-beens table lol.


They should let neavis sing a whole album

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