Netizens are disappointed with Aespa’s new song’s ranking on Melon chart

Aespa’s new song on Melon chart

51 on the realtime chart
It didn’t enter the Top 100

1. Aespa made a comeback?

2. I didn’t even know they made a comeback, I’ll have to listen to their song

3. I saw this post and listened to it, the song is so good

4. It’s a pre-release song anyway, so I think the title song will be better

5. NewJeans and IVE’s pre-release songs were so good and they hit the top 5 right away, but Aespa surprised me a bit

6. SM always seems to save so much money on promotions, what the hell are they doing?

7. I listened to this song after reading this post, and it’s so good

8. Anyway, Aespa will hit the daebak~

9. They are weak compared to other 4th generation idols

10. I didn’t even know the new song came out. I need to listen to it

11. Aespa???

12. Out of Aespa’s songs, this is my favorite.. But there’s not much promotion for the pre-release song

13. Aespa’s pre-release song is so boring

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