Netizens are disappointed with Aespa’s outfits at their comeback showcase

Aespa’s journalist pictures at their comeback showcase

They will make a comeback today at 6pm

1. Winter’s hair is so pretty

2. Everyone is so pretty

3. Are their clothes too monotonous?

4. Karina really looks like an AI

5. I don’t like their outfits

6. Why are they dressed so badly?

7. Their skirts and pants are too short

8. Their outfits are worse than the idols’ outfits in 2010…

9. Their outfits in the teaser are pretty, but why?

10. Karina is not human, she is a doll

11. Winter is so pretty today, looks like she lost weight

12. They’re pretty, but the outfits are disappointing

13. Giselle’s outfit is really disappointing

14. What’s up with the outfits…?

15. They look like cheerleader costumes from an American teen movie

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