Netizens are disappointed with BLACKPINK Jennie’s outfit and makeup at Cannes Film Festival

BLACKPINK Jennie’s journalist pictures at Cannes Film Festival in real time

Among domestic celebrities, it is expected that Jennie, Stray Kids Hyunjin, Aespa… will attend

1. Jennie is pretty but it’s a pity that the clothes and makeup are not good, but she’s still pretty

2. Why do they make her look old?

3. Where did the Human Chanel go?

4. I really like Jennie and she’s so pretty, but I really feel sorry for her makeup these days

5. Why did she wear makeup like that? ㅠㅠ Her bare face is prettier

6. Her collarbone and shoulders are crazy…

7. I’m not the only one who finds her makeup weird…

8. This makeup style is a bit disappointing

9. Why did she wear makeup like that??? She looks old, looks like a movie star in her 40s or 50s

10. The makeup is a bit disappointing but she looks like a princess and looks so pretty

11. The outfit seems to make the proportions look disproportionate, the face is big and the lower body looks short

12. She looks like a Disney princess

13. Has the makeup artist changed?

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Ladyboy Lisa

Damn what was that 😂

I speak facts

What do you expect from a basic bland girl

Teenaged puppy

Once a maid always a maid


The Met Gala look, regardless of it being quite plain for the occasion, was somewhat salvaged considering it was a Chanel classic; but this one… The stylists have done her so dirty this time ☹️

The top part of the dress is nice, but I’m personally beefing with the bottom half of it. I think it could’ve been a stunning look if the dress was either a bodycon or shorter in length and not so puffy.


her upper half/top looks good but the bottom is a mess 😭




You stan laloser


Lol jennieslut stan

spicy spice

her upper looks wasn’t that bad actually esp her shoulder (and i feel that the hairstyle became her kinda-signature hairstyle cuz she always appeared with that style and it suit her, it highlights her shoulder so well) BUT the lower part of her dress does makes her looks like a kid who wear her mom’s gown.

the make up was so basic, i mean that’s her daily make up as an idol thou. feel like she’s ready to perform SOLO with that looks lmao.


why did they even invite a pisspink member that`s the real question


chanel lost their goddamn mind.. the outfit is ass. shoud’ve kept her style for makeup as well instead of trying whatever they tried. i’m so mad cause imagine sucking so fcking bad not even jennie’s face can save your ass.


She looks like a french maid or nanny

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