Netizens are disappointed with HYBE again after seeing the ticket price for Stray Kids fan meeting

Price/seat information for Stray Kids fan meeting

Seating arrangement

1. I’m so jealous of them.. HYBE, have you seen this?

2. HYBE should look at other companies and reflect for themselves

3. I’m so jealous of the ticket price.. Damn HYBE

4. Ah, I feel comfortable after seeing the price, the fans must like it

5. It’s good that they discount tickets that are for the fan club.. YG, are you watching?

6. I don’t think it’s particularly cheap, but after looking at the ticket prices of HYBE, JYP is a fairy

7. Honestly, everything is way too expensive these days

8. I’m jealous of JYP fans, the fan club benefits are good

9. HYBE is crazy about money these days

10. I really hate HYBE

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Aren’t they in jyp???? Can someone explain what’s going on 😭


Yes , they are , SKZ in JYPE, opp is only comparing ticket prices of JYPE and HYBE and disappointed in HYBE


You are lazy as f. Read. It doesnt take a minute to understand if you read the content, not only reading the title

Handsome Hyunjin

Can’t wait 😆

Logic Thinker

One thing of Hybe has a really HIGHER production value that’s why they are higher, and means that hybe pays their artist more with that. Basically 70% of the concerts income is really going into the groups pockets, that what Big Hit does. The name value of hybe artist is already bigger than Stray Kids too

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Jesus Christ. Im not even a Stray Kids fan (and sadly they are more self produced than BTS because Chan doesn’t need a Pdogg or SlowRabbit or HitmanBang).but you are bending so far backward to defend Hybe’s price-gouging. If a baker sells you Plain Bread for $100 are you going to say it’s got higher production value, expensive mixing machines, mineral water, expensive chefs when people praise the other shop selling it at $10?

Jon Xina

Only BTS. Stray Kids are miles ahead of Enhypen and TxT lol.

Jon Xina

Also in these cases most of the revenue split comes after the promoter takes the cut. Also you just pulled 70% out of your ass when theirs actually no public contract splits known.

Pull hitmans cock out of your mouth.


Are you fvcking for real? Coming from someone who is an army. You don’t have to stoop this low to defend that fvcakass company who don’t even think twice before throwing their own artists under their bus. Hybe is the one wrong here. People are criticizing hybe not the groups in it. And they have all right too. I mean have you seriously seen that prices they are setting? That is just pure robbery and nothing else. BTS didn’t make them to do this in the future.

Teenaged puppy

Comparing that nugu group to hybe artisy concerts who are bigger in name and production is wild. YG is the one y’all should be blasting because how Midpink tickets still extremely high and your not selling out seats nor is your show worth the price. The media play is wild


Crazy comparing a group that won’t sell unless they lower the price to hybe who has a lot of groups in demand
I don’t think they have even charted in the top 50 of melon


And JYP has proven time and again that their pay their artists DUST for the money they do make, so excuse me if I don’t see this as a serve. At least HYBE puts that money in their artists pockets, SKZ going home with maybe 15% of that profit.

Also, I’d take a HYBE-produced show over campy JYP quality. You pay for what you’re getting, but I wouldn’t expect online rodents to be able to reason on their own why HYBE charges more for their artists time.


15%? Got any proof or its just your nonsesnse


In fact, concert prices should neither be expensive nor cheap. These prices also have something to do with shows and shows. Also, hybe groups and bts already more than deserve the cost of the concert ticket with their shows. This comparison is wrong. Although Skz is a Korean group, they don’t have a decent fandom in Korea. It’s normal for it to be this cheap so that the space isn’t empty. At places like BTS Wembley, MetLife, they sold tickets to 80-90k people at very affordable prices, and they all sold out.


It’s not cheap. The value is exactly what any fanmeet value should really be.


Hay entradas más baratas que SKZ como también hay más caras, al final depende de los fans si valió la pena gastar dicho dinero. Por otro lado los fanmeet de hybe que he visto online siempre me han parecido de alta calidad y con mucho contenido. Encantada de gastar mi dinero en buenas producciones.

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