Netizens are disappointed with HYBE again after seeing the ticket price for Stray Kids fan meeting

Price/seat information for Stray Kids fan meeting

Seating arrangement

1. I’m so jealous of them.. HYBE, have you seen this?

2. HYBE should look at other companies and reflect for themselves

3. I’m so jealous of the ticket price.. Damn HYBE

4. Ah, I feel comfortable after seeing the price, the fans must like it

5. It’s good that they discount tickets that are for the fan club.. YG, are you watching?

6. I don’t think it’s particularly cheap, but after looking at the ticket prices of HYBE, JYP is a fairy

7. Honestly, everything is way too expensive these days

8. I’m jealous of JYP fans, the fan club benefits are good

9. HYBE is crazy about money these days

10. I really hate HYBE

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