Netizens are disappointed with HYBE’s rookie group BOYNEXTDOOR ‘But I Like You’

HYBE’s rookie group BOYNEXTDOOR – But I Like You Official MV

1. It reminds me of YG vibes

2. The song itself is good but I sympathize with the comments about the singing and the MV reminds me of NewJeans

3. The song is good but the members’ voices are the same

4. Their voices remind me of Zico, but that style of singing only suits Zico..

5. It sounds like it was sung by one person, the song is a bit boring

6. Zico produced this song, right? I can feel Zico’s singing style

7. It’s a bit like the male version of NewJeans

8. It’s like YG’s song sung by HYBE idols

9. Their voices are all the same except for the rap part

10. They all have similar voices, and they look like iKON, they don’t look like they’re from HYBE, they look like rookies from YG

11. It’s not like HYBE, it’s like YG

12. I expected too much

13. I’m looking forward to the next song

14. It’s better than I thought

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Knetz are right. The voices sound the same except for the rap part. I only heard 2 different voices. That aside, the song is actually good. I cn listen to it again while pretending this song is sung by 2 people


Am i the only one who really like the song?


5. It sounds like it was sung by one person, the song is a bit boring

Yes. But knetizens no problem with newjeans who also has similar vocal tone. Because they like gg more.


The song kinda generic. But as this one not even title track, i am looking forward to another 2 songs whether its similar or better.

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