Netizens are disappointed with Jennie’s scenes in ‘The Idol’

Jennie’s scenes in ‘The Idol’ just premiered

1. The drama looks really cheap when you watch it

2. Daebak.. Why did she film something like that?

3. This is shocking…

4. Seriously, even though I’m not a fan of Jennie or BLACKPINK, I feel the comments are even dirtier

5. Since her main job is not an actress but an idol, she should keep her image

6. I think Jennie’s part is fine

7. Comments that cross the line are more disgusting than videos

8. Oh, I would really hate it if I were a fan

9. Honestly.. I like Jennie, but I really don’t know why she appeared in this drama, what’s even worse is that she’s the one who can go to Cannes by participating in this drama

10. If Jennie was an American pop star, no one would care what those scenes look like.. but, Jennie is a K-Pop idol

11. Did that drama help Jennie’s career???

12. Hul, the second video is shocking, but it’s Jennie….??

13. Is she good at acting? Her face is a bit awkward

14. I guess she’s trying to change her image to a pop star rather than a K-pop idol

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