Netizens are disappointed with Jennie’s scenes in ‘The Idol’

Jennie’s scenes in ‘The Idol’ just premiered

1. The drama looks really cheap when you watch it

2. Daebak.. Why did she film something like that?

3. This is shocking…

4. Seriously, even though I’m not a fan of Jennie or BLACKPINK, I feel the comments are even dirtier

5. Since her main job is not an actress but an idol, she should keep her image

6. I think Jennie’s part is fine

7. Comments that cross the line are more disgusting than videos

8. Oh, I would really hate it if I were a fan

9. Honestly.. I like Jennie, but I really don’t know why she appeared in this drama, what’s even worse is that she’s the one who can go to Cannes by participating in this drama

10. If Jennie was an American pop star, no one would care what those scenes look like.. but, Jennie is a K-Pop idol

11. Did that drama help Jennie’s career???

12. Hul, the second video is shocking, but it’s Jennie….??

13. Is she good at acting? Her face is a bit awkward

14. I guess she’s trying to change her image to a pop star rather than a K-pop idol

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Its always the untalented narcissistic girls who want to succeed in entertainment industry at all costs that give a bad reputation to arts career ..its because of these losers that ppl say art and cinema is for non-moral hoes :)))))) but is not u know :))))


the one that saying she is trying to change her image to pop star …where else is she going after this stage of her career ? is she going to have solo tours like taylor swift? is she becoming a huge star in US ? no she is already at the declining phase with blackpink..they are already fading.. No ..she is just a whore admit it..


Jennieee is really a whore and a sulut


Whore being a whore. Nothing surprising. The fact that she has so many underage fans yet she has no decency at all. Disgusting and shameless slut


I mean there`s something so off about Blackpink aura in past two years.. Jennie antics..Rose cocaine rumers and she looking depressed and high in pictures and vlives (to me) I used to be a Jisoo fan but after I saw her on that drink show … I thought atleast if she is not talented in music she is an ENTP and she is going to be smart and funny at least ..but girl she looked like a cheap party whore ..the host was trying so hard to hype her but not even a single funny thing came out of her mouth ..I have never seen a person be more fitting to the expression : good for nothing … What has happnd to blackpink ? have they been target of abuse in these years????


“have they been target of abuse in these years????”

YES. YALL FUCKING HATERS, ANTIS BEEN ON THEIR ASS SINCE 2018, even before Jennie took this role, yall been slutshaming them, degrading them, calling them all sorts of names but they remain strong and unbothered (apparently) I hope BP stay unbothered and live their life cause I know yall antis are mad about it, yall mad about them being unbothered despite all the hate they are getting online 24/7.


I love how you keep using the word unbothered instead of the word successful ..
You know it too :)))))))


Cause it’s a common knowledge / a fact that they are on top and successful.😭 Y’all haters won’t be dragging them everyday if they are a nugu group.


lmao blinks slutshamed new jeans ignoring the fact new jeans music is fresh and k ntz like their music a lot
now where do we go from here. yall blonks are ignoring jisoo for jennie. her song left charts 1 week ago and non of big blink acc encouraged blinks to stream her song but they all are dragging other artists. we had one song to stream good and blinks failed jisoo and lisa’s collab both. lisa t least has her own big fandom since she is a thai. but all blinks have their eyes on jny and other idols so they drag them
tell me how many times that jnktoowell got 10k+ likes on hyping josoo solo well she didnt even tweet about that and she hates on other idols when she tweets then they drag jisoo


Admitted that there are toxic fans who shame every other idol except their own. But do not call out the fandom like this.
And secondly, its just a drama, and she did her part to her full potential. Ofcourse, it might seem disturbing to some viewers but its just a fu*king drama and has nothing to do with the character of the one who’s acting it out. So please stop slutshaming Jennie or any other idol, they already have too much on their plate and these mean comments fo no good.


This soooo tacky for her like shes just so desperate to get into hollywood jumping on whatever garbage she could be on


there`s something bad.. going to happen for Blackpink maybe a suicide news of a member? they are certainly walking in that route…this is not going to be a happy or even neutral ending for them ..they have that vibe Idk


You are doing too much. You want one of them to commit suicide huh, but it’s not gonna happen. Go kill yourself first.


BTS SUICIDE NEWS of a member, maybe Jungkook or the fugly Rap Monster. Or maybe some bad news from their enlistment stuff, Jin or Jhope will accidentally get shot in the training camp? This is not going to be a happy or even neutral ending for them?? They have that vibe idk. Omg reminder that Jin got injected by a soldier who did it illegally, it wasn’t her post but she sneaked in just to see Jin and gave it to him.😂

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mocking korean culture and military
interantional blinks never fails to show how horribly racist they are towards korean
mind u jennie’s family would be serving in military yall int blinks are virus in fandom


wishing for your family’s funeral. i hope whichever country your are from gets bombed and every serving person from your family dies

Inspo: Guestue

The way it was a retaliation and you just ignored the fact that the GUESTUE was the first one to talk about suicide saying bad news for a blackpink member, never forget Jisoo is a blackpink member too.

Lmao you sound so mad. You think it bothered me.😂 worry about your alcoholic dad, wishing he would get into a car accident along with your mom.. Wishing your druggie brother or ghetto neighbor massacre y’all in the family.🙏🏻

PS: I am good at manifesting things, my wish do come true most of the time.😇


Stop this nonsense

Inspo: Guestue

what is certain is that BTS members are going to enlist, there is something bad going to happen, maybe a BTS member will get into some accidents in the military camp??? they are certainly walking in that route… one of them won’t make it alive or a membe will get shot.. they have that vibe idk


maybe your dad will kill your mother tonight

Inspo: Guestue

Not gonna happen bro. My mom is my dad’s one great love.☺️


Seems like you’re being too desperate. ARMY will do anything to make sure you suffocate out of desperation. Just u wait.


She seem dont want to be in kpop world anymore n want to be known as sexy pop icon. But this look cheap lmao. Atleast britney spears built her career for years as solo singer. But she does nothing except being “fashionista”. This series seem about to flop tho. Jennie always look like come across that all she cares is just maintaining to be famous no matter what with just small effort. Just look how she always mingling with those white influncers. She just look desperate. Once YG focus shifted to baemon n start giving chanel deal to one member(probably ahyeon), things gonna start going down for her.


I hope she stop leeching on ppl who is more popular than her


Tbh, She gives me thoese hwasa controversy vibes

Ladyboy lisa

Funnily this suit her well, cheap like her 😂


Even while dragging Jennie, Lisa still seems to be in every Kpop Stan’s mind (proving her fans right)….even as she minds her business.
This tells me all I need to know. I’m not a fan of Blackpink but misgendering a female born idol (proven by her earlier childhood pictures, not the pictures as a pre-teen/teen in which she went through a phase of being a “tomboy”. Which is normal, people also go through “Emo”phases, or some go through the obsession of Japanese culture to the point that they have a anime kinda look). Your username isn’t okay at all. No matter who the female idol could have been. Get a grip

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Ladyboy lisa

That’s too long…but 👍

Ladypig Fraudmin

but Pigmin is fa🐐


racist ass motherfucker kpop stans


fuck ur dad

Lady Fraudmin

They are Army, they are obsessed with their oppas’ dicks that they have to find dick in a female idol.


using “oppa” are u even korean? stop mocking korean culture


Stop blaming ARMY!!! We mind our own fucking business so shut it!!! You guys dont even valur your own idols and blame other fandoms whenever something’s up. Stop blaming Army for everything. We dont hate anyone. Get a job for fucks sake.


I have to admit that it cheapens Jennie a lot. She did say that she felt she could be herself while on this role. If this is what she means by being “herself” then that’s on her. The entertainment industry has a reputation for sexual exploitation (we had the whole “ME TOO” movement, drugs etc. Jennie seems to want to embrace those characteristics. I am starting to also question if her alleged childhood FACEBOOK profile that she had before joining YGE was real now. There were some pretty sexually explicit things she was already saying as an early teen such as linking to be “poked”. Jennie comes across as a social climber and is desperate to be “American” yet she wasn’t even born in the West. She was raised in the West but was born in KOREA. I also wonder if her lack of a father figure is playing a role in this. She did say “it’s always been myself and my mum” on Netflix documentary.

You can be SEXY without being TACKY. This is TACKY. We are now able to see Jennie’s “sex face”. She isn’t as shy as she acts to be. Seems like a 27 year old sexually deprived woman who now is getting to be wild. We also have to remember that she didn’t get this role with an AUDITION but via connection to the twins she hangs out with almost everytime she is in the USA, who also introduced her to the Weeknd(Abel). Her fans will say that the script she was happy with was befor SAM. The scenes she has shot so far seem like SAM’s doing to me. Which means she READ and liked it. I know she cannot be innocent forever she is a 27 year old. But you can definitely BE SEXY/ALLURING without looking CHEAP.

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wtf is that gif?…


she just describes what she does every night with jeremy

Karina melon

Taehyung must be proud of her girlfriend 😂


Don’t involve v to that cheap girl

Ladypig Fraudmin

V is dating a cheap girl then


Jennie is a dog tae walks wym

Ladypig Fraudmin

Tae is a rat


The rat is ur dad


tbh they both are visuals in group they both cant sing
and i dont wanna call them singers


You’re Really jobless. Cant mind your own fucking business?
Hating Jennie for just shooting a drama and pulling in her alleged boyfriend is so fucking not cool.


Okay that’s it. Been an OT4 for years but I am dropping, unstanning Jennie today. I can’t defend her anymore.

Jinja 헐 Army Blink

Jennie saying she wanted to be part of this because she “loved the script” lol what did you love about it Jennie? Playing a hoe ? During concerts she always looks like bored, doesn’t dance, doesn’t put even the tiniest effort…wasn’t her ankle bothering her in this scene too? Jennie and Taehyung are so similar, seems a match made in heaven.
She and Taehyung put the fandoms through war for a year and half, and they spit in their fan’s faces. Retire both of you!!!! You are nothing but trouble makers!!!!


Stop involving taehyung with this slutty bitch. Taehyung has always had a clean image with his Grammy smoking pics being the only scandal kpoppies use to drag him for. He is extremely passionate about his work and has never slacked off a day in his life unlike lazy seoul cycle getting dragged since 2018 for being lazy and untalented whore but sone how she has the energy to dance perfectly here while treating her fans as shits.


People always dragging v when not even draggable 😂


now add ‘dating jennie’ into his scandal list too bc you can’t tell me he has good taste for women after this. yikes


Don’t involve v with that cheap girl. And when does he act like he don’t want to perform huh? He got viral cuz he dance run like the rent is due and now ur saying he act like that cheap girl? Crazy people

Ladyboy lisa

Playing herself


The last year has been Jennie being an attention whore and getting tae dragged. The slut should retire to a strip club and you whores need to leave taes name outta yo mouth




I’m sorry she looks like she has like 10 stds and smells like fish lmao. Taehyung better wear two rubbers!!


Don’t involve v with that cheap girl


Only losers who have not feel a human touch have a problem with her lol


She’s thirsty for Hollywood clout. She had no hesitation to accept this cheap and porn revenge drama cuz she knows this will give her more fame and hyped. Good or bad it’s still a win for her.


Stop it!! For fucks sake its just a drama. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER REAL CHARACTER!!!
Y’all so illiterate and uneducated Istg

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karina bleach

damn.. she is such an awful actress… it also kinda funny how the only scene where she is looking natural and not stiff is her doing sex dance with those 2 men

Last edited 6 months ago by karina bleach

She’s hungry for that western validation and that clout and she’ll do ANYTHING to get that. But her idiotic fans will ovs defend her even when she will spit on their faces without a sceond thought.
I had actually lost the tiniest bit of respect i had for bp during the vmas and seems like they really don’t give af abt their image


💩💩💩💩💩🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷 what a slut


They never look happy with anything she does.


is there anything to grind there? she’s flat front and behind.


Toxicity Max

whorennie era

seoul cycle activities


Drag the nasty tramp.the west will not accept her so I don’t know why she and her group been shunning Asia in favor of them


This will be her breakout role. “The Asian girl who got humped by two background dancers” 🤩🤩🤩

Steven Spielberg and James Cameron will definitely call her and hire her for their next movie.

Last edited 6 months ago by Guest

Hollywood has a tendency to box people in the same roles. If this is what she likes, she will definitely get more roles as the “Asian girl” that gets “dry humped by two white looking guys”. Producers with Asian fetish will make use of her to satisfy their weird fantasies.
I worry for her, not just because of what she is portraying but also what she could be encouraging in the process. Yes, you can be Asian or any race and still be hot but don’t dehumanise yourself like an object or a fetish.
It is what it is. She is her own person I guess, and I am sure there are many people who are proud about this debut of hers.

I think if she was serious about acting, she should have tried to audition on something that could be more respectable for her/gives her dignity, then slowly start diving into roles…

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It’s like bts stans can’t go a day without slutshaming someone, how pathetic and sad they’re.


Jennieee nimu slut ug whore. Desperada kaayo.


imong mama borikat, imong papa naay kaabit, gaiyot sila kada semana.


And you’re a sad delusional cvnt, see how that works lol


Whatever u do nothing will cover ur where


Its not always the bts stans. We have immense respect for other idols. STOP calling us out everytime shit goes down.


What was that dance step🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 i mean if she wants to then who are we to stop her. I am just mad why she signed this gross drama with a gross director at first place. And why she didn’t leave it when the original director walked off. I mean what’s her character’s stand really…her character doesn’t even look strong…
Euphoria had Maddy and Casie who had a impact in their role. But it’s worse.
I hope people stop watching this garbage and HBO spend some money on releasing Harry Potter seasons soon. Cause I can’t wait to once again jump into the stream of magic. And can they stop bringing shit like these on their platform for once.


Whole thing is cringe and her face looks awkward


mind u most of our fandom is minor 90% of us are below 18



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