Netizens are disappointed with LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon’s new photos for ‘Make Up For Ever’

LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon ‘Make Up For Ever’ NEW Photos

New Korean Ambassador of ‘Make Up For Ever’, LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon

1. She doesn’t fit the brand’s image, so why did they choose her as a model?

2. It’s not the kind of makeup I usually see, it looks awkward

3. Because I can see her forehead, she looks like Kai. There’s a difference between pretty and handsome

4. Honestly, I don’t know how pretty this member is

5. She looks cute… Why is everyone like that??

6. Chaewon has the style that suits her, but I feel like she’s trying to change her image too much

7. In my personal opinion, I think Yunjin will match the brand image better

8. I didn’t think it was Chaewon, why did they choose a pretty girl and do this?

9. Chaewon is seriously pretty, but why does her makeup look weird?

10. But what is the difference between model and ambassador..?? Do cosmetic brands have ambassadors?

11. She looks like a woman in her 40s

12. I’m not the only one who thinks Chaewon’s charm is gone

13. Something like a Japanese actress

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Ki ki

Her concept is rebellious girl and pretty girl make up doesn’t suit her. What’s her stylist doing to her hair. Bang or no bang?? It’s akward


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Last edited 1 month ago by EmilyAria

Honestly the photos are bad, it’s really showing unflattering angles of her face.

But admin, translate the article about Yunjin outcasting Sakura and Kazuha please lol, Yunjin just keeps making messes.

Last edited 1 month ago by yonyek

there’s also an article in NB about kazuha being aloof.. pretty sure it’s the haters wanting to make a mess, not the members..


true, and it’s weird how at the same time hyein from newjeans also getting these same kind of posts like the other newjeans member are leaving her out and don’t want to be close to her


Nah le Sserafim hate each other and Yunjin is going to keep making messes because she’s dumb and egotistical

Shu Yan

An I’ve fan speaking

Julie’s sistaw

Sorry to say but she has that westerner arrogance to her. She reminds me of those mean girls that’s too cool from teen movies. They praised her for that but it’s going to be her downfall.

Julie’s sistaw

Yunjin *


‘westerner’ that’s why SEA kpop stan flocking here

Julie’s sistaw

I am from North America you can see her shitty snobby attitude judging everything from a mile away.
“I was a loner I didn’t fit in” go fuck yourself hyj


Yeah honestly anyone who grew up in NA school’s knows exactly the type of person Yunjin is.


“the haters” = blonks


Ditto working hard for the hate campaign. lol


why do you hate yunjin so much ☠️


Because she’s stupid af


oh you’re a hater


How did you come up with that conclusion, hater?


now why am I a hater


LOL sorry, my reply wasn’t meant for you.


yunjin is going to be wakemake’s muse but honestly I think her and yunjin needs to switch brands , chaewon seems to fit wakemake more and yunjin would suit this brand so well


Wth is wakemake lmao Yunjin can really only get nothing


wakemake is a very famous makeup brand, they’re like etude’s competitor in SK, Sana is or was ? their brand ambassador .


the fact that no one heard about the brand except etude showing how the brand is not even big


Wakemake is a makeup brand developed by Olive Young, the number one health and beauty product store in South Korea.

Last edited 1 month ago by 0048

I feel like she just doesn’t suit red shades on her. Like she look better in coral/brownish more ? Not sure but that one picture with the stick ? eyeshadow (idk what that is) looks much better than the others

spicy spice

11. She looks like a woman in her 40s

ikr. feel like she did a sulhwasoo ad.


uneducated person talking. sulhwasoo not makeup product.


I think the problem is the red lipstick it doesn’t suit her very good





Last edited 1 month ago by freeseungri

She is so fvgly


whuut I actually love the photos (especially the one with her hair up) because you can see her features and makeup clearly

Julie’s sistaw

They should have shown swatches on her wrists instead. Probably would have been more effective instead of using her face


she looks like a monkey…

Comment poster

It looks low budget. But what do you expect from Korea. They are always 10,000 steps behind. Losers like Kpop because they finally feel like they’re catching up to cool shit. But it’s lame in terms of the rest of the world

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meow meow

yeah they just styled her badly those colors wash her out i wonder what brand would suit her better

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