Netizens are disappointed with NewJeans Hanni’s styling at the Gucci show

NewJeans Hanni attends the Gucci show

1. Her face is so cute but her clothes are so uglyㅋㅋㅋ

2. Please change your hair, why did you cut your bangs like that?

3. Her hair isn’t the prettiest but she’s so cute

4. Hanni is so cute and I like her, but I really wish she could change the makeup shop..ㅠㅠㅠ

5. She looks like a student wearing her mother’s clothes

6. Seriously, she’s not Hanni I used to know

7. Well… I think NewJeans should change the makeup shop

8. I don’t think the clothes are suitable for her age

9. She’s still young, but she dresses like an adult

10. Hanni is cute and pretty

11. With her bangs, she looks like a middle school student

12. Is she Vietnamese? She doesn’t look Korean

13. I’m a bit disappointed with her hair, but our princess is so pretty

14. She looks like a North Korean beauty

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Agree with the comments..she looks like a kid whos trying to wear her mom outfit lol




Should have wearing like leeseo. They still so young. But she really got worst cloth n style here. Making its worst is that she is global ambassador while others that get praised are not even gucci ambassador.



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She was cute with her bangs during ditto and omg but they need to change it up. She looks so much better bangless, she really isn’t the type of idol who needs to wear bangs 24/7 like Momo or Lisa.


What did you expect when you hire teenagers to wear luxury brands designed for adults?


She looks like ive rei


She’s pretty but even her face can’t save the clothes, it’s too tacky and ugly


14. She looks like a North Korean beauty

Is this supposed to be a shade or a drag? North or South both have the same beauty of Koreans (except Southies have more PS done).


They are saying “old fashion”. If you notice, whenever you see pictures and videos coming out of North Korea, they always look like they are decades behind or frozen in time from the 1960s or something. But basically, they are saying she’s dressed like a granny.


she looks like a fat kid who got dressed by her mom


if you search –> “hana (하나) – ‘bla:ze’ (블라제)” on youtube, you will see the real face of Korean people before ps


I was like “ok??” and then i saw the full picture and saw the stockings…


she looks like rei here

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